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4/5 star gear drop rate in Survivor

I cant seem to get the last Fourth World Set Piece that i need(Helmet) and i have been trying as much i posibly can and i have not been able to get, does anyone the drop rates of these 4/5 star gear cards?

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New Player - When do I hit Specials ? Any Exploits which could help me farm credits?

I am a veteran WWE immortals (which is very similar to injustice) player.
In immortals, I could wait for a character to hit his basic combo (tap or swipe) and as soon as he finished it - I could punish him with a combo of my own (basic attack) or hit any of my special - which would not be blocked by the AI nor could be. I could not find a similarity in Injustice.

What is the best time to hit a special so that its guaranteed to not block by the AI?

Also, in wwe immortals, some characters had infinite swipe attacks which would render the AI helpless until dead. Is there any similar exploit in injustice?
Also any other tips you guys have for a new player in terms of battle strategy and general?

Thank you.
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Who's More Dangerous?

  • A Flashpoint-backed Deathstroke/Flashpoint
  • A Green Lantern-backed Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz
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I made us a discord server!!!

So, as you may know, there is now a discord server widget on the side of the wiki now. All you need to do is click connect and join the server. It'll be a better way to talk about stuff and do whatever. If you don't already have an account it's simple just enter your email and make a username. That's it. Hope I'll see ya there.
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New Multiplayer Season!!

The Tantu Totem is now available for 1 week only. Get this amazing gear while you can because you'll miss it when it's not here. And who knows when it'll be back around?
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New Survivor Set!!

The Campanion Cards are now available in survivor for iOS. Sorry android, but your survivor is still broken. Play now to get the suicide squad gear cards.
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My last Red/Son to elite 10!!!

Just got Superman/Red Son to Elite 10. My last one. Now I just need to get him to lvl 60 like the others. It's taken a while but ig I'll have to use him now. lol
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Just got Catwoman/Ame-Comi to elite 7!!!

Finally, after 100s of challenge boosters I finally got her to eelite 7 took few months to get her but after I got the first copy a few weeks ago it's been a breeze ever since.
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How's Injustice 2 Mobile?

What do you think about it?
The wiki for it is completely dead, what's up with it?
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Favorite Character Affiliations?

  • Arkham/Arkham Origins/Arkham Knight
  • Flashpoint
  • Red Son
  • Earth 2
  • New 52
  • Batman Ninja
  • Rebirth
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New Challenge!!!

Hey everyone, the new Lord Joker/Batman Ninja character challenge is now available. Go get him now while you can. Good luck.
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Favorite to play with?

  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz included)
  • The Joker
  • The Flash (Reverse Flash Included)
  • Wonder Woman
  • Aquaman
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Has anyone noticed that Batman Ninja’s SP2 deal MORE DAMAGE than it’s supposed to be? I had him at EI Level 12 with a base dmg of 7,488 and his SP2 is fully upgraded, so his SP2 upon reaching 200% damage should be dealing around 15K+ damage.

However, although his stun deals around 1.7K damage, his last hit deals 22K+ damage - and it is not Crit from his passive! I did NOT gear him with Cloak Of Destiny, nor had him teamed up with support characters like Batman/Prime or Lex Luthor/Prime, his teammates are actually Sinestro/Antimatter and AKHQ.

With this, he technically has a base damage of around 11K, not 7,488. Whaddya think?
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New Challenge!!!

Hey everyone, the new Batman/Batman Ninja character challenge is now available. Go get him now while you can. Good luck.
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AI Abilities

We all know that the AI has some pretty annoying advantages over us, the players (insta-blocking, infinite trapping that leave us helpless, etc.). Which AI ability do you find the most annoying? If you could have just ONE AI advantage, what would you choose?
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Discussions feature!!!

Hey everyone, we now have the discussions feature. You can use this feature to talk about anything Injustice. Make a post, people can comment on your post and answer your questions. Try it out. It's really easy.
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