The 2.10 update introduced the following:

Other ChangesEdit

  • Characters with unblockable special(s) are unable to deal UNBLOCKABLE DAMAGE (either as according to their passive or in their specials' descriptions). This is confirmed to be a glitch, and instead, if the opponent blocks, it will be dealt as regular damage when they blocked. So far, Deathstroke/Arkham Origins, Superman/Godfall, Superman/Regime, all versions of Harley Quinn's bomb for her SP2, along with Harley Quinn/Arkham's passive (won't let her Arkham teammates deals unblockable on their SP2), Ares/Prime's SP2 can be blocked normally (and the block-disable passive would still work, and furthermore, if the opponent that has it tags in, whichever character that tags in next will have that passive) and Killer Frost/Prime are confirmed to have this.
    • Additionally, if the characters as said above use their UNBLOCKABLE special(s) on the AI opponent, upon the AI block, and after the special is finished, the Blocked AI can deal UNBLOCKABLE basic attacks and/or specials for a limited time. And the same can be said if the AI uses their specials, if you block, your character has a chance to deals UNBLOCKABLE damage as well (still need to be tested furthermore).
  • The 2.10.1 update has been added into the game to fix the above glitches.
    • On the other hand, it was unknown whether Superman/Dawn of Justice has been patched in this update or the latest version, but he's been patched with new display animations. Upon his Shattering Blow is activated, instead of just the regular "punch!" and the cloud at the bottom at opponent's feet, this time there will more debris that "caught" wind with the hurricane like animations; additionally, the chances to activate his passive will now become 40%!

      Better animations than before! With more "debris" than ever!

  • All 2.8 challenge characters were repeated likely due to the issue regarding the inability to promote them with Power Credits. Obtaining at least one copy of them will allow for direct promotions, even if the original version was obtained from their first challenge.

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