Patch 2.11 introduces the following:


  • The Joker / Suicide Squad
  • Harley Quinn / Suicide Squad
  • Deadshot / Suicide Sqad
  • The Joker Unhinged / Suicide Squad
  • Solomon Grundy / Earth 2 (introduced in 2.9)


  • Soultaker Sword
  • Mother Box (although it was originally and technically was introduced in the 2.9 update)
    • Soultaker Sword
    • Mother Box (introduced in 2.9)
    • Diablo Companion Card
    • Enchantress Companion Card
    • Killer Croc Companion Card
    • Deadshot's Ballistic Mask
    Diablo Companion Card EVOLVED
  • Enchantress Companion Card EVOLVED
  • Killer Croc Companion Card EVOLVED
  • Deadshot's Ballistic Mask


Other changes Edit

  • The new and updated daily log-in bonus!
  • Recieving 2 Augmentation Cards as a reward for logging in daily!
  • Challenge repeat of Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night
  • The backgrounds have been swapped with pics from the movie, as a way to promote the movie by the developers.
  • Daily log-in bonus now have increased with better prizes! Now you can earn Augmentations, shards, Energy, and also a Gold character as well.
  • The characters faced in the tutorial were changed to The Joker/Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad, and Deadshot/Suicide Squad.
  • Challenge Credits were removed from the game. Thus, you don't have to either buy the Small/Large Challenge Bundle or play matches in Standard Battle in order to obtain them anymore.
  • Newly released Challenge characters can already be seen in Survivor Mode! Including Aquaman/Injustice 2, Solomon Grundy/Earth 2, Superman/Injustice 2 and even Doomsday/Blackest Night and all the new Suicide Squad characters as well.
    • Facing the Joker/Suicide Squad in Surivor Mode!
    • Solomon Grundy/Earth 2 as well!
    • Even against Blackest Night Doomsday!
    • Against a full Suicide Squad team!
    • Ame-Comi Catwoman!
  • The Standard difficulty for Challenge Mode are now "shorter" and easier as well, with only 9 matches for each tier, along with no specific character requirements. However, after completing the Standard difficulty, and moving on to Expert difficulty, then it will be a normal Challenge Mode, with the same requirements as previously-held. However, this only applied during the challenges (and repeats as well) for the Suicide Squad characters. After their challenge ended, and when Raven/Teen Titans's challenge comes, Challenge Mode was returned to what it was.
  • The prizes for Challenge Mode also increased: after completing 2 challenge battles you will receive a Silver Booster Pack; for completing 3 challenge battles you will receive a Gear Locker; for completing 4 challenge battles you will receive a Gold Booster Pack. But same as above, this only happened during the challenges for the Suicide Squad characters, and became was brought back to what it used to be.
2.11 update change

An example is Joker/Arkham Origins's SP2.

  • The tap buttons (3x one) has been changed from a circle shape into an oval shape instead.