The 2.12 update introduces the following:


  • Blackest Night Hawkgirl
  • Blackest Night Batman



  • Blackest Night Hawkgirl Pack
  • Wonder Woman's 75th Anniversary Booster Pack
  • Blackest Night Booster Pack
  • Hollywood Pack



The new logo

  • Batman/Blackest Night receives a large buff, with his passive changed and stats increased.
  • The League of Assassins Set received a large nerf, which prevents constant looping when combined with Sinestro/Antimatter (which in turn largely decreased his value).
  • The Flash/Reverse Flash's passive can now be "shown" by the 3 Speed boosts that represent how many times he can use his passive! This way, it can be easier for the player to find a way to counter him.
  • The logo for the game changed to be black, white, and red to appear more scary (and also in conjunction with the symbol of the Blackest Night Lanterns).
  • The characters faced in the tutorial have now been reverted back to their original characters: Superman/Prime, Batman/Prime, and Wonder Woman/Prime.
  • The bug from previous update (2.11) involving Gears cards with the typo "aasic attacks" have now been fixed, so it'll read with proper spelling this time ("basic attacks").

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