The pack as seen in the store.

The Alien Invasion Pack is one of the new themed packs introduced in the 2.9 update which was not released in the store until the 2.10.1 update. It costs 500,000 Power Credits and always yields the 3 displayed characters.
IMG 0478

The contents of the pack as shown in the store.

Contents: Darkseid/Prime and Martian Manhunter/Prime are both challenge characters, and can only be directly promoted if their challenge was completed. Lobo/Prime can be purchased from the store. Still, this is the first pack to contain any of these characters as a guaranteed pull, and buying this pack is 167,000 Power Credits cheaper than directly promoting each character.
IMG 0479

The guaranteed contents of the pack.

Like the rest of 2.9's themed packs, a running theme is the basis of the contents of the pack. These characters (particularly, Darkseid/Prime) have almost no synergy with each other.

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