Not to be confused with the Arkham Pack or the Gotham City Pack.
Arkham Asylum Pack

The Arkham Asylum Pack is a limited pack that gives you Batman/Arkham Origins, Deathstroke/Arkham Origins, and Harley Quinn/Arkham.

Bane/Arkham Origins, The Joker/Arkham Origins, The Arkham Knight, Batman/Arkham Knight, and Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight cannot be obtained from this pack - only from the Arkham Pack, despite the pack's image featuring Batman/Arkham Knight.

At a cost of 750,000 Power Credits, it is the most expensive pack in the store, tied with the Arkham Pack and the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Pack. It is also barely cost effective, while most other packs are vastly cheaper than the characters they offer. However, the value of this pack lies in the difficulty of unlocking Harley Quinn/Arkham from the console game, as well as the difficulty of obtaining Deathstroke/Arkham Origins if his challenge was missed; players would be required to expend a substantial amount of credits on Challenge Booster Packs otherwise.

Arkham Asylum Pack contents

The guaranteed contents of the pack.

While the Arkham Asylum Pack team is indeed very strong, note that it almost twice as expensive as the Red Son Pack, which is also much less complicated for new players to get used to; for players on a budget, characters from the Red Son Pack can be upgraded to much higher stats for the same price.