The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Pack grants early access to a Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight card, along with her gear card (.357 Revolver) and all of her support cards. It was released before her challenge. Despite the wording on the pack, it does not unlock her for direct promotions.

The pack remained available even after the release of her challenge, until it was removed after a while. It was brought back at 25% off on Valentine's Day.

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  • Upon release, this pack has been met with controversy as it allows players to obtain a challenge character before their challenge by paying real money. On the other hand, it was thought that the pack is overpriced due to the ease of completing a challenge compared to The Flash/Metahuman, who has to be earned by ranking top 3% in specific Online Battle seasons and can be bought in The Flash Starter Pack for the same price.
  • Upon tapping on the pack, the title of the message reads "Early access" instead of the usual "Confirm purchase".

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