Not to be confused with the Arkham Asylum Pack.

Arkham Pack in Stroe
Arkham Pack's descriptions

The Pack's descriptions.

The Arkham Pack is a limited pack that gives you 3 random characters (duplicates possible) out of:

At 750,000 Power Credits, it is the most expensive pack in the store, tied with the Arkham Asylum Pack and the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Pack, and is currently the only way to obtain Arkham Knight Batman.

There is a great deal of confusion over this and the Arkham Asylum Pack, due to the similar name, similar characters, same pack image and price. The difference, as can tell from the pack description, is that this pack contains 3 new Arkham Knight characters as well as Arkham Origins Joker and Bane, while the Arkham Asylum Pack will not give you any of them.

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Getting Arkham Knight Batman from the pack.

Trivia Edit

  • It was brought back at a 25% discount, although this was mainly for Batman Day in 2016!
  • It returned again for Black Friday at a 25% discount.