Bag-o-Tricks is the name for all versions of Harley Quinn's SP2. It is a very unique special due to not only the effects offered, but also the mechanics involved.


  • The description of Bag-o-Tricks
  • Selecting Harley's Damage Boost
  • Harley's bomb exploding
  • Harley's Team Heal
  • Selecting SS Harley's extra trick
  • Selecting SS Harley's C4
  • Selecting the different Joker photo with SS Harley

Regularly, Bag-o-Tricks has three effects available: A Damage boost, an Unblockable bomb (the only source of actual damage in the special), and a team-wide heal regain. Each effect is represented by a visual cue: the damage boost is represented by a picture of The Joker, the bomb is shown as dynamite, and the heal is a rose. The damage boost increases all forms of damage by 50% temporarily (hearts will swirl around the character when active) for 5 seconds. The bomb deals damage equivalent to ~ 100% of Harley's damage stat, which is around half of the typical damage dealt by a SP2, likely due to the other effects offered. Meanwhile the rose heals all of her teammates by 30% of their Health. The effects are extremely unique and mimicked by no other special. They also perform the same effects for almost all versions of Harley, which can make even bronze Harley Quinn/Prime an excellent support character for golds due to her %-based damage boost and heal.

Harley's signature gear, .357 Revolvers, has excellent synergy with Bag-o-Tricks, and therefore all Harley Quinn versions. It offers a large team heal on her SP2, which stacks additively with the heal from Bag-o-Tricks, allowing for as much as a 55% heal from her SP2 (to her entire team).

Additionally, if paired with gears that increases a special's damage (i.e. The Ibistick), namely her SP2, it would actually increases the damage of her bomb!

On the other hand, if geared with Enchantress Companion Card EVOLVED, after using her SP2, even if did not use the bomb, the skulls would still fly at the opponent (even if the special that did "successfully" hit opponents such as Superman/Injustice 2 and/or Batman/Dawn of Justice)!


Harley Quinn's special 2, or the team damage boost effect in particular, has an unusual invulnerability mechanic: right after using the damage boost, she goes into the immune to flinching state first (damage can be done, specials can deal damage and be initiated, she cannot block but cannot be knocked out) for a short time before briefly turning full invulnerable and then back to normal. This means that uniquely it is possible, when immediately used after, for faster specials (e.g. Wonder Woman's Shield Toss) to deal full damage in the first stage without her being able to block, slower specials (e.g. Shazam's Bolt of Zeus) will hit her in her full invulnerable phase and do no damage and very slow specials (e.g. Batman's Explosive Batarang) can be initiated during this period but only hit when she has completely returned to normal. Multi-hit attacks can hit her in different stages; Darkseid/Prime's Omega Blast will have its first hit in the first stage (full unblockable damage), while the second and third hits will be in the second stage (no damage dealt). This delayed invulnerability is excellent when you can predict dangerous enemy specials and negate some of their damage. A good example is when it is used against Killer Frost/Prime's infamous Black Ice: when Killer Frost tags in with 2 bars of power, immediately use Harley's damage boost; Killer Frost would almost certainly use Black Ice, and the block breaking hit will be negated by this invulnerability.

Harley Quinn's special 2 in general also has a significant mechanic difference compared to other specials: it runs in real time, while most other specials (including Zatanna's special 2 despite similar option-choosing) take place in bullet time. There are a few noticeable effects: in-universe timers, such as Ares' block disable, will continue to tick down during her s2; damage over time effects, while normally will continue to hit during a special, since specials take a short in-universe time (a much longer time in the real world while you tap/swipe) the damage is not as much, but Harley's s2 runs in a long time in-universe so damage over time can have a much more significant effect.

Suicide SquadEdit

Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad has a further modified version of Bag-o-Tricks. Due to her passive, she has a fourth trick: the ability to give both of her teammates 1 bar of Power immediately. This is visually represented by 3 red diamonds, Harley's logo. The effects also cycle much quicker than the 5 other versions of Harley, making it much more difficult to select the buff that you want.

Additionally, when combined with Deadshot, her bomb is transformed into C4. This does the same damage as the normal bomb, but also deals 20% of the C4's damage to the rest of the opponent's team. When combined with The Joker/Suicide Squad or The Joker Unhinged/Suicide Squad, the damage boost is converted into a surprise attack. The typical Joker photo is changed to a photo of Suicide Squad's Joker. The Joker (either version) will be called in when Harley selects this option, and will shoot his pistol once at her enemy, dealing exactly 100% of HIS damage stat (the damage is not based in any way on Harley). The damage from this option does not count as Special Damage (its damage is displayed by a white text instead of yellow), and therefore negates Superman/Injustice 2's passive. If either Deadshot or Joker dies before Harley, their respective options will no longer be available.


  • Bag-o-Tricks is the only special who could potentially never deal damage to the enemy (Aquaman/Prime's SP2 could still be able to deal damage) without the enemy either blinking or having a special-negating passive.
  • It is also the only special who could ever directly affect a teammate without use of a passive or any Gear.
  • Bag-o-Tricks is based on Harley Quinn's Character Power (equivalent of a passive) from the console game, as both have the same name and offer the same effects.
    • Interestingly, the two are spelled slightly differently, as the console version is named "Bag O' Tricks".
  • The stated minimum and maximum damage for Bag-o-Tricks is always the same!
  • The picture is obviously a reference to Harley's love, The Joker, also evidenced by the fact that she kisses it. The rose is also likely a reference to Posion Ivy, a plant-themed villain who is always a very close friend to Harley (and also one of her support cards).

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