The Blackest Night Booster Pack is a new pack introduced in the 2.12 update. It costs 666,000 Power Credits and contains three guaranteed characters. Costing only about 58% of the combined prices of the three, it's a fixed-character pack with the largest discount. It is worth buying this pack even if you only need two of the characters, as even the cheapest combination of direct promotions would still cost more than the whole pack.

Blackest Night BP
Blackest Night Pack

The pack's descriptions.


Blackest Night BP's descriptions

Contains these 3 guaranteed characters!


  • The background of this pack is that of a carved-out design on a Halloween pumpkin, in fitting that it's a season of "monstrous" beings.
    • Additionally, the price of the pack can also be seen as the "devil's number", as Blackest Night characters are resurrected from the dead.

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