Bleed Out Pack
The Bleed Out Pack contains Batman Returns Catwoman, Regime Aquaman, and Scorpion for 415,000 Power Credits.

The version of the Scorpion is the original one, not the newer and vastly more powerful Scorpion/Mortal Kombat X.

As the name of the pack suggests, all the characters can inflict the bleeding status effect: Catwoman and Aquaman on their special 1 and Scorpion on his heavy basic attack combos. Batman Returns Catwoman's passive will increase her team's damage over time damage by 100% (although this may be less than 100% in practice due to additive stacking).

As the three characters cost 556,000 credits to purchase (Regime Aquaman and Scorpion has to be unlocked through challenges or else many Challenge Booster Packs must be bought to randomly obtain them), this pack saves ~25% credits.

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