• Nightwing05

    Guys the Arkham Pack is back in the store for a limited time.

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  • LordViscerus
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  • KhalArkham

    My team

    October 2, 2017 by KhalArkham

    For my team I have

    1.  Arkham Knight Batman Elite X Level 56 (Cloak of Destiny, Batsuit and Blade of the War God)
    2. Flashpoint Batman Elite X Level 50 (Promethium Longsword, Netherealm Kama and Powered Eskrima Sticks)
    3. Arkham Origins Batman Elite X Level 56 (Lexcorp Chest Armour, Lexcorp Helmet Armour and Mutated Bone Spikes

    AKB's insane special 2 takes out the first character if its not blocked. If it is, AKB will take him out with minimal health lost. FPB comes in and does upwards of 45,000 damage per hit because of his passive. This will take out both in under a minute. If anything goes wrong, you have AOB to swoop in and use his third.

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  • Qedsa40

    So i wanted to create custom injustice 2 character cards for injustice 1 but can't find a working dowloadable template. Could you help?

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  • Moses.aviles

    Raven/prime is broken

    August 15, 2017 by Moses.aviles

    raven prime is so broken. with her you dont need any skill to even beat someone. you can literally go afk for like 20 seconds then her demonic embrace will activate and its an easy kill. netherrealm needs to make her balanced asap because she just ruins the game completely. maybe they can make it where after she uses special 2 the healths switch??? idk but all i know is that she needs a nerf and she needs it quick

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  • GeneralLeumas42

    Today i tried to beat the boss battle 7, with elit 3 level 50 Flashpoint/Batman, Deadshot and Harley Quinn/ Sucide Squad. I beat all the levels up to AO batman. His Winged Avenger KOed batman and deadshot and harley where inihilated. So... RIP. I will try agian soon, In other news im in the top 5% in the metahuman flash online season (which is good for me), for the time being, and i got the lex corp chestplate in survivor mode yesterday hich i applied to batman. Flashpoint/Batman now has Gauntlets of Azrael, Pwer Gloves, (evolved) and Lexcorp chestplate (+1).

    Might blog soon


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  • Grummen

    List of the characters that I want in Injustice Mobile or it's sequel.

    • Flashpoint Aquaman: This would be an awesome completion for the Flashpoint team. He is incredibly savage in this incarnation.
    • Parasite: This guy would be so awesome! Maybe he starts off with very weak stats (300/1200 or something like that) but over the course of a battle he gains damage the more he uses his attacks, and every attack either steals health, power, or damage. Or all three.
    • CW Supergirl: We have Arrow, Flash, and we need Supergirl.
    • Spawn: No explanation needed.
    • 1989 Batman: We have Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. We need Michael Keaton's Batman. Christian Bale's Batman would be a cool addition as well. 
    • Tom Hardy's Bane. What a bad-ass.
    • Adam West Batman: This would …
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  • Batstroke21

    There have been multiple accounts that there has been a recent change in the contents of packs, specifically the Gold Booster Pack and the Challenge Booster Pack. If one of these two packs drops a character that is not mentioned on that pack's Wiki page, please post the name of the pack and the character that it dropped on this blog.

    Thank You, -Batstroke21

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  • Batstroke21

    Shout-out to Tr143

    March 31, 2017 by Batstroke21

    Tr143, Thank you for all you have done for this Wiki over the past few years. You have helped more than anyone to make this Wiki as accurate and as user-friendly as possible. With your leaving the Injustice Mobile Wiki will have lost perhaps its greatest asset.

    Thank You, -Batstroke21

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  • Razza.7

    Thoughts ?

    March 26, 2017 by Razza.7

    Hey guys, I only wanted to know your opinion on my current team.

    Godfall Superman, VII 50

    Batman Insurgency, VII 50

    Jon Steward VII 50


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  • Thecoolasiangirl

    What characters do you guys think is the best in terms of looks? Like with overall appearance and special moves. I like Blackest Night Doomsday. That dolphin dive at the end of his special 2 is too great.

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  • Site mechanic


    December 30, 2016 by Site mechanic

    If you have some game problems Post it here. I have faced many of them.maybe I can help you.

    Crashes, Dark screens etc.

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    Overused Characters

    December 23, 2016 by ROOSHEEYUH

    This is to talk about 4 characters that I think are over represented in the game.

    • Aquaman
    • Batman
    • Deathstroke
    • Scorpion


    Aquaman is one of the strangest characters in the game. I can't tell if he is supposed to be a major character like Superman and Batman or a minor character like Ares and Shazam. I think that adding Injustice 2 Aquaman was an interesting development because it pointed toward him being a popular character, but I honestly think that only one Aquaman would have been best.


    I love Batman, and he has a wide variety of powerful cards that are very useful, but I think that you need to draw the line when you start duplicating characters. Arkham Night Batman is literally just a newer and better version of Arkham Origins Batm…

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    New Characters

    December 23, 2016 by ROOSHEEYUH

    I created this to talk about characters that I think need to be remade, and to see people's opinions. 

    Here are the characters that I think should be given a new version:

    • Black Adam
    • Catwoman
    • Cyborg
    • Green Arrow
    • Harley Quinn
    • Lex Luthor
    • Lobo
    • Nightwing
    • Sinestro
    • The Joker

    Black Adam:

    Kahndaq Black Adam is one of my favorite characters to play with, but I don't like how they left behind the Lightning Shield Theme. I feel like they had something going with the shields, but messed it up by making Regime Black Adam one of the worst gold cards available, so I think they should buff him or add a slightly stronger version.


    Although many powerful Catwoman cards have been released recently, I still think that they are missing something here. Ame-Comi Catwoma…

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  • D55CORE


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  • NightFalcon120

    Just thought I'd post it here. also to get a badge haha

    Apologies for my roster. I play rarely now due to the fact it drains my device's battery quickly. I'd say it's an "in-the-making" for a great enough roster. Also looking for advice on how to improve

    Name - SaveUsY2K

    Currently has - 340,072 Credits & 57 Alliance Credits

    Bronze Characters:

    Regime Catwoman - Lv. 12 Elite II

    Cyborg - Lv. 16

    Insurgency Deathstroke - Lv. 26

    Insurgency Green Arrow - Lv. 19

    Green Lantern - Lv. 10

    New 52 Green Lantern - Lv. 15

    Harley Quinn - Lv. 10 Elite IV

    Lex Luthor - Lv. 14 Elite I

    Nightwing - Lv. 17 Elite I

    Sinestro - Lv. 22 Elite I

    The Flash - Lv. 21 Elite I

    New 52 The Flash - Lv. 16

    (missing Regime Solomon Grundy but shouldn't be a biggie)

    Silver Characters:

    Knightfall Ban…

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  • D55CORE

    I'm technically not new to Injustice. I have been playing since late 2014, and started MP in September. I have just came upon this cool place, and I just want to make my presence known. I don't have outrageous gear or cards, just decent stuff. Anyway, I just want to be known that I'm here, and I look forward to start doing... things and stuff. I don't know. Anyway, get good stuff, and have a good day.

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  • New52Chris

    Team Outlast

    December 10, 2016 by New52Chris

    This first team is one I use to prolong a match, and eventually turn it in my favor.

    Wonder Woman/Dawn of Justice not only is a great character when it comes to basic attacks, her passive can send health to her team when engaging a special. Equipping her with Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar can allow her to drain a lot of power from the enemy with a 3-Hit combo ender.

    Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night has one of the most useful passives in the game. He cycles between three buffs. In this case the life drain buff is what will apply to this team. Whether it is a basic attack or a Special attack, Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night can send health to his team with each landed attack before the buff switches to the next. Giving him the LexCorp Chest Armour …

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  • New52Chris


    December 9, 2016 by New52Chris

    I feel like there are many characters in this game who's passives support each other in battle. I might begin creating blog posts about diffrent teams I've come across tohelp out starting players in the future.

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  • Pototheoctopus

    I created this blog post so that people could share their ideas for good multiplayer teams. I have a few examples below, if you have any more good ideas, put them in the comments section. (note: I will not be including or asking for gear combinations, because lets face it, getting the lexcorp gauntlets and fourth world mace is pretty much impossible unless you've been playing for a really long time)


    1. Wonder Woman/Justice League, Batman/Arkham Knight, The Flash/Metahuman

    2. Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night, Batman/Blackest Night, Doomsday/Blackest Night

    3. Raven/Teen Titans, Wonder Woman/600, Wonder woman, Dawn of Justice

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  • Flame2453

    Survivor gear rarity

    October 23, 2016 by Flame2453

    Are the gears you get in survior have different degrees of rarity?

    Because I managed to get all the Lex luthor gears, the assassins set and the Suicide squad set but every time the forth world set comes out I've only every been able to get the Vest,

    Is this just me or are other people having this problem?

    Maybe I'm just not getting enough last laugh tickets.

    Anyway, sorry if i spelt survivor wrong, (i spelt it two different ways Survior and Survivor)

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  • LtllamaIV

    I have an idea to add Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) from The Flash TV show; he's so freaking badass and a much more sinister-looking villain than RF (no offense RF he's still cool) plus his blue lightning is so aesthetically pleasing (to me at least)

    His passive could be something along the lines of, gaining speed when knocking out other flash characters or characters that give speed boosts in their passives, gaining speed and 5-10% of their health (percentage of speed gained depends on how many characters with speed-related-passives are on the other team, more speed gained per knockout for less speed-related characters on the other team, less speed gained per knockout for more speed-related characters on the other team) just for visual numbers, le…

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  • Oneanimal

    Why the FW set is OP

    October 9, 2016 by Oneanimal

    Seriously, this set is way OP. It can turn any character into a great defensive character, even glass cannons like Ares. Meanwhile, characters like SI2, Raven, RSGL, and AKB become damn-near unbeatable. I don't think the resurrection is that much to deal with, but the regen is somewhat ridiculous. I think one of three things should happen. I think either the set should be harder to acquire, meaning that it is rarer than the other sets in Survivor. They could also make the set effects more situational. For instance, the LOA set has very powerful set effects, but they are quite conditional, and can really only be truly exploited by one character (AMS). As I said above, it's really only the regen that's difficult, so perhaps: twice per match…

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  • Pototheoctopus

    More modes

    October 7, 2016 by Pototheoctopus

       What this game needs... is not more rediculously overpowered characters (looking at you suicide squad), what it needs, is more variety in play. Yes, we have 3 singleplayer modes, and a "multiplayer" mode, but most are pretty much the same. Survivor is in fact unique, and has a lot to offer, but only comes 1 time a day, the "campaign" can be useful for the purposes of farming and leveling up new charcters, but has little appeal to play through again for anything other than farming, the multiplayer mode is fine, (despite being filled to the brim with hackers) but is really only like the campaign, but with more obnoxious AI, and a new mechanic that dampens supermoves (though it does have good rewards if you feel like investing entire hours…

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  • Tappingplayer

    So, i quit the game about 1 year ago, and i came back recently, during the Suicide Squad update. And When i did Come back, i noticed that a Huge power creep had unleashed itself Upon This game. Characters have gotten Incredible Abilities, as well as huge base stats. Most of my cards were practically useless, except for the ones that are currently seeing play because of abilities or synergy with good gear (f.eks Luchador Bane or Killer Frost/Prime).

    When I last played, AO Batman was easily one of the best characters, and he was definitely the most expensive one. Now, there are a lot of cards that are both better and more expensive, like I2Superman. There are several benefits and several problems with power creep at such a level, where every…

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  • Femics

    Hi, just wondering what you opinion is on what's worth augmenting and best characters to waste augments on.

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  • GeneralLeumas42


    September 18, 2016 by GeneralLeumas42

    I just blooged

    A long time later....


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  • Pre52wally

    Blog Vs Blog

    September 4, 2016 by Pre52wally

    I already have a few blogs on blogspot. Being about Computer Science, Quantum Physics, Vaso-Motors, Psychiatric medications, and many more.

    I dont know how the search engines will react to a blog inside wikia site. I will have to do some reading around to be sure about that.

    If it looks promising, i can continue my blogging about comics here on this wikia. Or maybe DC comics' wikia. Not sure lol.

    - Wally

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  • Ajroseman01

    This list will go alphabetically based on how it appears in-game.

    • Prime/Bane
    • Arkham Origins/Bane
    • Knightfall/Bane
    • Regime/Bane
    • Cassandra Cain/Batgirl
    • Prime/Batman
    • Arkham Knight/Batman
    • Arkham Origins/Batman
    • Insurgency/Batman
    • Prime/Black Adam
    • Kahndaq/Black Adam
    • Regime/Black Adam
    • Prime/Catwoman
    • Ame-Comi/Catwoman
    • Regime/Catwoman
    • Prime/Cyborg
    • Regime/Cyborg
    • Teen Titans/Cyborg
    • Prime/Darkseid
    • Apokolips/Darkseid
    • Suicide Squad/Deadshot
    • Prime/Deathstroke
    • Arkham Origins/Deathstroke
    • Insurgency/Deathstroke
    • Prime/Doomsday
    • Containment/Doomsday
    • Regime/Doomsday
    • Man of Steel/General Zod
    • Prime/Green Arrow
    • Arrow/Green Arrow
    • Insurgency/Green Arrow
    • Prime/Green Lantern
    • John Stewart/Green Lantern
    • New 52/Green Lantern
    • Regime/Green Lantern (technically it should be yellow lantern)
    • Red Lantern/Hal Jordan …
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  • Tacos1999

    General Courtesy

    September 2, 2016 by Tacos1999

    So... If you haven't already noticed/seen, this wiki is full of people that spam questions and/or nonsense replies on pages that they shouldn't be spammed on. Pages such as Deadshot and User:Tr143's wall. I, personally, feel like it shouldn't be here and we need to do something about it.

    We have a Discussion mod now, User:Oneanimal (congrats by the way) so I feel like he/you(depends on perspective of reader) should lead the charge against this. Now I'm not trying to make it sound like he isn't doing what he should be or anything. I'm just saying he should help with this the most. So, here's my solution...

    1. WE, as a wiki, need to actually stop the spam by educating ourselves and the other wiki and about the "Reply" button. If you see someone…

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  • Gregnutt72


    August 28, 2016 by Gregnutt72

    I like injustice. It's a good game

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  • The ehhhMAZING deathstroke!


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  • Gifist8

    Top 5 Annoying Characters

    August 24, 2016 by Gifist8

    5.Metahumen/Flash. Flash's Passive Makes him annoying in a few situations,especially if you are at low health. His passive is when he does a special or super he gain speed and do crit. Annoy meter 7/10

    4.Deadshot/SS. His first and second special makes him very annoying and if he gets 250% on special two, his whole team can do 250% damage on special which is very bad Annoy meter 6/10

    3.Catwomen/AK Her First special makes you bleed but if you tag out it will still make you bleed and if Catwomen has gear to make the dot hurt more it will be very stressing Annoy meter 10/10

    2.Killer Frost/Prime Killer frost makes you freeze and makes you go very slow and reduces power genaration it is bad if you have your best character frozen Annoy Me…

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  • Oneanimal

    Hello, all! This is my character/gear wishlist. My user page was getting a bit crowded, so I moved it all into a blog post. I am still working on it, so new characters/gears will be added with regularity. I try to make all of the characters relatively balanced: If they have a damage mitigation effect, they usually will have a lower health; if they have some damage-boosting effect, they will have lower damage. All of my characters also don't have out-of-this-world base stats; they range from 2000 (with a wicked damage and health boosting passive) to 2900 (which does give some magnification to opponents' damage), which is intended to allow them to be playable in today's meta. If you have any thoughts, recommendations, or your own character w…

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  • WooperBros


    August 4, 2016 by WooperBros

    Well, tbh I was kinda concerned about this update, they were probably going to screw something up. But it looks like they didn't! I got the Enchantress gear and it's OP and no more challenge credit is BOOYAH! However, the online season means, grind, grind, grind, so better get off to doing that!

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  • Gifist8

    Message wall is open

    July 29, 2016 by Gifist8

    Feel free to ask any question on my message wall

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  • Tacos1999

    So, I've been thinking about the release of IM2 and was wondering what some new features could be. I've been thinking mostly along the lines of a new campaign kind of thing where you can choose between certain characters. I've also been thinking about new features for Online Battle/MP mode and just some General features overall.

    Another feature I've thought about would be a real time Online Battle against other players that takes place, well, in Real Time. Now that could become a problem and I'm not hyped about it as other features that we could see.

    One other feature could be a way to manually report hackers or suspected hackers. Now to limit this so somebody wouldn't just go around and report everyone would be to limit it to 1-5 da…

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  • Oneanimal

    At the San Diego Comic-Con, Ed Boon confirmed that there will be an Injustice Mobile 2. This is a pretty obvious choice to make to promote the 2nd Injustice game, just as the first mobile game was released in conjunction with the first Injustice. However, this brings forth a lot of problems. My main concern for Injustice Mobile 2 is saved memory. I would assume that you can use the same WBID to carry over your saved characters from Injustice Mobile into the 2nd game. If this is not the case, players who have played since the game was first launched will be treated the same as complete noobs who never played the first Mobile game at all, which would be absolutely ridiculous and INJUST. But that itself brings up an interesting question: what…

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  • Gifist8

    Most Op Character

    July 17, 2016 by Gifist8

    Write in the comments of who do you think is the op character

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  • Oneanimal

    Well, this is a very difficult topic to address, but shortly before the release of Raven/Teen Titans, I wanted to get everybody's opinions on the best offensive character in the game. For the purposes of this post, offensive means how well and efficiently a character can deal damage to the enemy team. Obviously, this can mean very different things to different people, but for the most part, offensive characters have a passive that revolves around/boosts their specials or damage output without increasing that of their teammates or health, though this does not necessarily have to be the case. In my personal opinion, I would have to say Deathstroke/Arkham Origins from a purely offensive standpoint. With the right gear and augments, he can do …

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  • Gifist8

    In the Comments Write Down Your most wanted character and write down what his passive would be and his specials and write why you want him in the game

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  • The ehhhMAZING deathstroke!

    You know what I mean (◕ᗜ◕)

    Same rules; from only an aesthetical view, what is your favorite special 1? least favorite?

    my favorite is either Omega blast or Krpytonian rifle (MOS zod one). my least favorite is animated BB's 

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  • The ehhhMAZING deathstroke!

    If we got a blog post for super moves, might as well make one for special 2's!! (◕ᗜ◕)(◕ᗜ◕)

    Same rules; from only an aesthetical view, what is your favorite special 2? least favorite?

    my favorite is either Reverse Flash's or the 3 DOJ characters ;D

    my least favorite is aquaman/prime's or regime cyborg.

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  • Oneanimal

    Best in-game super?

    July 6, 2016 by Oneanimal

    Whenever I acquire a brand-new character, I take them to the tutorial to test out their Supermove. As such, I have seen almost all of the Super Moves in the game. So, from a purely aesthetical standpoint, what is your favorite super in the game? What is your least favorite? Personally, my favorite is Deathstroke's Super (Eye for an Eye) and my least favorite is Cyborg's Super (Target Lock). Any thoughts?

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  • Perchance

    Because you can't have enough fan-made characters, and because the Injustice 2 characters already introduced into Injustice Mobile issue a quantum leap of power creep all on their own, presto sauce.

    Most of the cards here are here on the basis of "consumer realism"--this supposes that cards that probably shouldn't be included in the next game (or that shouldn't have been in the first) will yet likely still be in the new game (i.e., Harley Quinn). This also means that somewhat popular characters like (*ahem*) Captain Marvel or flagship characters like Lex Luthor or the Joker that were killed will have to be revived or otherwise accounted for--most of this is quite doable, as even where one character does not necessarily have an in-universe v…

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  • Perchance

    Alas, even with my monstrous, mad, Mad Mod moderator powers, I cannot delete a blog post. (If an admin cares to, he may do so.)

    For some reason I could only edit this post in source mode, until I deleted everything. The post as originally posted was copied, pasted, fixed, and reposted here.

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  • Thomas12404

    Вов Тхис гаме ис мы лифе

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  • The ehhhMAZING deathstroke!
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  • Skipaleeto

    Since the release of the controversial Superman card, there have been disputes as to what the strongest card is, well here is my list of the 10 strongest cards in the game to date. These are just the cards that I believe the strongest, if I missed anyone that you believe deserves a spot, be sure to let me know! I have disclosed my reasoning for why each of these characters deserve to be on this list.

    1. 1: Superman-Injustice 2    2800 Stat total (3780 with Passive)
      I shouldn't even have to explain why this character tops off the list, the stats speak for themselves. This card, if paired with 4th World or healing gear, becomes an unkillable tank that works great as a shield to stall opponents while team-mates charge their power bars.
      #2: Batman-A…

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  • Perchance

    To commemorate special acts of hackery, infamy, and, well, nefarious ingenuity, you can describe any hacker and his team that you have battled or otherwise discovered here!

    The current leader on Android, "DREADMAN", has a team of Superman/Injustice 2, Killer Frost/Prime, and... Killer Frost/Prime! Each character has 3 Fourth World Godly Chest Plate equipped! With only 10 wins on the season and 41 lifetime wins, the guy has 903,200 lifetime battle rating! Even supposing that the leaderboard is late updating on the latter regard, this special act of hackery-quackery receives the first-ever mention in The Injustice Mobile Wikia Hall of In-Fame!

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