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Blue Lantern Ring is a piece of 3 star (rare) gear evolved from the 2 star (uncommon) gear, Blue Ring. The unevolved version can be obtained through Online Battles, Survivor, Gear Booster Packs or Gear Lockers.
  • The unevolved form.
  • The Evolved form.


  • BLOCKING stops 8% - 18% more damage
  • [EVOLVED] HEAL SELF 10% - 15% on special 2

The evolved ability used to heal your whole team, prior to being changed to only heal self.



  • 7 blue shards
  • 3 green shards


  • 12 blue shards
  • 4 green shards
  • 1 purple shard

Shattering the evolved form will always yield at least 1 bonus red shard, 3 - 7 bonus blue shards, and 1 bonus green shard. Ignoring the power credit cost and assuming minimum output (2 bonus blue shards, 1 of red and green), evolving it breaks even after 12 gear pieces shattered.

Maxed outEdit

  • 12 blue shards
  • 4 green shards
  • 1 purple shard

Shattering the maxed out form will always yield 9-25 bonus blue shards, and 9 bonus green shards.


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