Bonus Missions are special daily tasks that can be completed in Online Battles for additional Power Credits and Battle Rating.

Completing bonus missions

Multiple bonus missions can be completed at once.

There are 12 types of bonus missions:

  • Earn 15k Battle Rating.
  • Earn 5k Battle Rating using X, Y and Z.
  • Knock out 7 characters in online battles.
  • Win 10 Online Battles.
  • Win 7 consecutive Online Battles.
  • Complete a Standard (3 Match) Battle.
  • Complete an Epic (5 Match) Battle.
  • Win 3 Online Battles with at least one X character on your team.
  • Win 1 Online Battle without blocking.
  • Win 1 Online Battle without suffering a knockout.
  • Win 1 Online Battle using no specials.
  • Win 1 Online Battle using a team of X characters.

3 missions would appear at once. You can skip one daily, which gives you a different bonus mission without penalty.

Battle Rating gained through bonus missions will count towards earn battle rating missions.

Aquaman/Prime's Atlantean Hero summoned with his special 2 and The Joker/Unhinged Suicide Squad 's controlled character will count towards knock out 7 characters bonus missions.

The "without blocking" mission is only not completed when you block an attack. It is possible to use block, but release it before you block a hit and you can still complete it.

_Previously, Super Moves do not count as a special, and can be used to complete the no specials mission. This has been changed and is no longer possible.

_Quitting a losing match can be done to avoid breaking the streak on the win 7 consecutive battles mission.