Bronze Booster Pack
A Bronze Booster Pack contains one random bronze card as well as two random support cards or Upgrades cards and you can get it either by buying it in the Store for 8,000 Power Credits or through completing at least 2/5 Challenges for Challenge Mode. It is advised to NOT buy these, as they are very wasteful and almost "unnecessary" because it is possible to buy good characters in the Store instead. Thus, it is recommended that new players should save up for either the Starter Pack or Gold Booster Pack for much more powerful characters that will be of greater use in the long run.
Bronze Booster Pack contents

Possible contents of a Bronze Booster Pack.



  • During the 2.11 update, specifically during the challenges for the Suicide Squad characters, this pack was not available for completing the usual challenges.
    • However, once their challenges ended, it was changed back to normal so that you can still obtain it.