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Not to be confused with challenge bundles (small and large), which contain Challenge Credits, a former entrance fee to fight challenge battles.
Challenge Booster Pack
A Challenge Booster Pack contains a random challenge character and two random support cards or upgrade cards and costs 150,000 Power Credits. Obtaining challenge characters this way will not unlock them for direct Promotions, meaning that eliting characters this way will take many Challenge Booster Packs.

A recurring dispute is whether a certain challenge character is available in the Challenge Booster Pack, as it usually takes a couple more updates before a recently expired challenge would have its character added to the pack. Currently, the latest challenge characters added to the pack are Scorpion/Mortal Kombat X, Static/Prime, Batman/Beyond Animated, and Superman/Godfall. Later challenge characters, such as Killer Frost/Prime and Hawkgirl/Regime, are not yet available from this pack. Also, Raven/Prime and Green Lantern/Red Son appear to be missing from this pack for unknown reasons (possibly because of their popularity). The Most Wanted Pack and Red Son Pack respectively can be used to obtain them.

Challenge Booster Pack contents

Possible content of a challenge booster pack.

A discounted Gold Booster Pack is generally considered superior to the Challenge Booster Pack due to only costing half as much while giving comparable value, although most Gold Booster Pack cards can be bought directly from the store and the Challenge Booster Pack is great for completionists.

The italicized characters can only be found exclusively in this pack if you did not unlock them at their challenge, while the other characters can be found in both this pack and other packs as well (click on their names to find out how to obtain them):

*:Previously found in Most Wanted Pack and later removed.

^: A single copy is awarded during a more recent challenge; Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night for Darkseid, and Red Lantern Hal Jordan for Animated Batman Beyond.

#: Briefly made directly available in store along with all other Batman characters as a sale.


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