Batman is required in all matches of challenge battle 5. It's a very easy condition to fulfill, as he has more versions than any other character and for new players, the fairly solid Batman/Prime is guaranteed from the Starter Pack.

Match 1Edit

Credits: 270

Match 2Edit

Credits: 290

Match 3Edit

Credits: 310

Match 4Edit

Challenge: Chaos!

Credits: 330

Match 5Edit

Credits: 350

Match 6Edit

Credits: 370

Match 7Edit

Credits: 390

Match 8Edit

Challenge: Countdown! (1:50)

Credits: 12,410

Match 9Edit

Credits: 430

Match 10Edit

Credits: 450

Match 11Edit

Credits: 470

Match 12Edit

Challenge: Super Move Disabled!

Credits: 490

Match 13Edit

Credits: 510

Match 14Edit

Credits: 530

Match 15Edit

Credits: 1,100

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