Lex Luthor is required for all matches in battle 5. All versions of him are viable, although Lex Luthor/Krypto is clearly the strongest choice.

Challenge battle 5 is generally regarded as the hardest battle on standard difficulty. It can mostly be done with normal gold cards (without promotions or good gear), but it will take a lot of practice and luck.

Match 1Edit

Credits: 270

Match 2Edit

Credits: 290

Match 3Edit

Credits: 310

Match 4Edit

Challenge: Radiation!

Credits: 330

Match 5Edit

Credits: 350

Match 6Edit

Credits: 370

Match 7Edit

Credits: 390

Match 8Edit

Challenge: Power Surge!

Credits: 12,410

Match 9Edit

Credits: 430

Match 10Edit

Credits: 450

Match 11Edit

Credits: 470

Match 12Edit

Challenge: Countdown! (2:45)

Credits: 490

Match 13Edit

Credits: 510

Match 14Edit

Credits: 530

Match 15Edit

Credits: 1100

This boss is of unusually low stats for a standard challenge boss. While this match often requires a skip due to the spike in difficulty, it is likely not needed here.

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