The Joker is required for all matches in battle 4.

Match 1Edit

Credits: 390

Match 2Edit

Credits: 420

Match 3Edit

Challenge: Second Special Attack Disabled!

Credits: 450

There is a glitch in this match that causes the disabled special red Xs to appear on all power bars, but special 1 and super is not actually disabled.

Match 4Edit

Credits: 480

Match 5Edit


Match 6Edit

Challenge: Countdown! (2:00)

Credits: 8,540

Match 7Edit

Credits: 570

Match 8Edit

Credits: 600

Match 9Edit

Challenge: Radiation! (1% max health lost every second)

Credits: 630

Match 10Edit

Credits: 660

This match may award a copy of Batman/Beyond Animated.

Match 11Edit

Credits: 690

Match 12Edit

Challenge: Regeneration! (enemies heal by 1% max health every second)

Credits: 720

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