Lex Luthor is required in all matches of challenge battle 2. As usual, challenge battle 2 is by far the easiest out of the three battles (2, 4, 5) that do not restrict character tier, with the weakest opponents.

If you don't have any version of Lex Luthor, there is no need to dish out big money for Lex Luthor/Krypto at this point - just get the bronze Lex Luthor/Prime or the silver Lex Luthor/Insurgency, both of which has useful team buffs that would make bronze or bronze/silver only battles (1 and 3) much easier.

Match 1Edit

Credits: 360

Match 2Edit

Credits: 390

Match 3Edit

Challenge: Power Surge!


Match 4Edit

Credits: 450 

Match 5Edit

Credits: 480

Match 6Edit

Challenge: Countdown! (You have 3 minutes to defeat your opponents)

Credits: 4,510

Match 7Edit

Credits: 540

Match 8Edit

Credits: 570

Match 9Edit

Challenge: Dampening Field!

Credits: 600

This match awards 3 energy cards. 

Match 10Edit

Credits: 630

Match 11Edit

Credits: 660

Match 12Edit

Challenge: Regeneration!

Credits: 690

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