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 The Claw of Horus is a 5-star gear that can be evolved from the 4-star gear War Gauntlet. Despite being introduced in the 2.13 update it was not released until 2.17

  • Claw of Horus (unevolved).
  • Claw of Horus Evolved!


  • On Player Tag-in, the opponent receives damage equal to 2-10% of his health.
  • When an opponent Tags-in all damage to that opponent increases by 5-10%, stacks 3 times, and resets on Player Tag-out.
  • [EVOLVED] On SP1 50-75% chance to disable 1 random gear of the opponent till opponent Tags-out.


Tag damage

Deals damage equal to a % of enemy current health, similar to Batgirl/Cassandra Cain's passive, but this can be blocked.

Damage boost

While the user is tagged in, every opponent tagging out will increase the user's overall damage by 5-10% up to a maximum of 3 times. Knocking out an opponent also seems to trigger that effect. This resets when the user tags out.

Gear shatter

Can be applied even if the target is blocking or protected by Invulnerability. It does not stack with Superman/Dawn of Justice's "Shattering Blows" however.


  • Do not use this gear with characters/gears that stun on tag-in because the tag-in damage comes after the stun and this removes the stun effect.


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