Note: This page has been created by non-admins members in the event that the homepage has not been updated by the Wiki admins. Therefore, this page can be at your convenience to check out what the "latest" events in the game are. - Batstroke21

Current Version

  • 2.18 (Available as of December 13th, 2017)


Current Challenge

Upcoming Challenges

Online Battle

Current Online Battle Season

Upcoming Online Battle Season Rewards

Current Breakthrough Mode Tier

  • Silver characters
    • Requirements: N/A

Current Survivor Set


Current Events Events

  • N/A

Upcoming Events

  • N/A


Current Rotating Packs in Store

(Note: The ones in italics are 25% off. The ones in bold are 50% off.)

Newly Added Packs

Upcoming Packs

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