Demon Blade is a piece of 3 star (rare) gear evolved from the 2 star (uncommon) gear, Dark Sword. The unevolved version can be obtained through Online Battles, Survivor Mode, Gear Booster Packs, and Gear Lockers.

  • The unevolved form.
  • The Evolved form.


  • 10-15% DAMAGE BOOST to special 2
  • [EVOLVED] 20-30% CRIT CHANCE on special 2




Maxed outEdit

  • 12 red shards
  • 4 blue shards
  • 1 purple shard


Gear (evolved)
2→3 star

Black Ring (Black Lantern Ring) Blue Ring (Blue Lantern Ring) Cryo Pistol (Cryo Rifle) Dark Sword (Demon Blade) Battle Staff (Energy Lance) Strange Elixir (Lazarus Formula) Mark of the Tiger (Mark of Lady Shiva) Disruptor Gun (Nullification Rifle) Kryptonite Shard (Weaponized Kryptonite)

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