Disable Special is both a modifier as well as a temporary gear or passive effect.



This modifier will disable your Special Attack 1, 2, and/or Super Moves, depending on the match in question. This will last throughout the match.


Some pieces of gear offer disable special on special 1 or 2. Each hit of your own special empowered by the gear will have the stated chance of disabling enemy special 1 and 2 (but not super) for 10 seconds, so specials will more hits will have a higher chance to activate the effect.


The Flash/Elseworld disables all enemy specials for 7 seconds when he falls below 30% health.

Hawkgirl/Regime disables all enemy specials for 5 seconds upon tagging in. This will persist even if you tag in a different character.


  • Elseworld Flash's passive has existed prior to introduction of disable special as a status effect.