Early Access Packs are packs that grant early access to otherwise exclusive characters (from Challenge Mode or Online Battle) and other items for about $20 (for most of them, although there are slight variations). Most early access packs contain 1 character card, all support cards for that character, and 1 gear card specific to the character. However, in the 2.11 update, these packs contain 100,000 Power Credits along with the other content.

They are generally released slightly prior to the character's official release, and retracted around the same time their challenge expires.

  • The Flash Starter Pack.
  • Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Pack.
  • Dawn of Justice Superman Pack.
  • Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Pack.
  • Kahndag Black Adam Pack.
  • Anti-Matter Sinestro Pack.
  • Arkham Knight Catwoman Pack.
  • Injustice 2 Aquaman Pack.
  • Injustice 2 Superman Pack.
  • Ame-Comi Catwoman Early Access Bundle.
  • Ame-Comi Catwoman Pack.
  • Suicide Squad Deadshot Early Access Bundle.
  • Suicide Squad Joker Early Access Bundle.
  • Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Early Access Bundle.
  • Worst Heroes Ever Bundle.
  • Teen Titans Raven Early Access Pack.
  • Earth 2 Solomon Grundy Pack.
  • Blackest Night Hawkgirl Early Access Bundle.
  • Blackest Night Doomsday Pack.
  • Rebirth Jessica Cruz Early Access Pack.
  • Rebirth Raven Early Access Bundle.
  • Flashpoint Batman Early Access Bundle

Packs highlighted in BOLD only contain a character card in them.