• The Evolved version.
  • The skulls surrounding the player.
  • The skulls attack at the opponent and Lifedrain them!

This is one of the 3 Companion Card gears in the game, and can only be obtained through spending Last Laugh tickets and/or getting it in Survivor Mode.



Upon a character using a Special Attack on the opponent, after 3 seconds, 3 skulls will fly toward the enemy, staggering them, dealing damage and Life drain the required amount as described in the card's effect. On the other hand, the effect will only activate if the character uses either of their Special 1 or 2, but NOT their Super move. The target cannot use specials or supers until the skulls have all finished attacking.

The skulls will trigger both Black Adam/Prime's and Black Adam/Regime's passives and the attacker will receive damage when this happens. They will not be triggered if the special's damage is negated by Superman/Injustice 2 (if not blocked), Batman/Dawn of Justice and Rebirth Wally West's passives or if the very last hit of the special knocks out the enemy.

The skull's damage is negated by Invulnerability. If you are blocking for the duration and the entire special is negated by invulnerability, the skulls won't activate at all. Both conditions need to be met - if you are not blocking, even though you're invulnerable, skulls will still attack and can do a lot of damage.

Harley Quinn's Special 2 will only trigger Enchantress on the bomb. Aquaman/Prime's special 2 does not trigger Enchantress.

If the opponent tags out at the right time, the skulls would fly up and out of the screen attempting to hit them, but doesn't seem to do damage. Furthermore, if an opponent immediately tags out, and if you tag in the next character and use their special right away, the skulls will "interrupt" in the middle of performing the special, thus might give you the advantage to use it on the opponent while they're being attacked by the skulls.

Unlike The Ibistick and similar DOT gears, Enchantress activates after a special, instead of on its last hit, so it will be activated even if the special misses, and will hit the next opponent if the first one is knocked out by the special.

If skulls from a previous special hits an opponent during the next special's animation, they can apply DOT from gears like The Ibistick.

If this gear is given to Batman/Blackest Night, the skulls will have unblockable chance as well.

Enchantress can damage the opponent and heal the user even if the user is tagged out. If the user is tagged out, they are healed even if the skulls strike Invulnerability.

The skulls can knock out an opponent, even if you use another special that normally cannot knock out opponents in the middle (e.g. The Joker/Unhinged Suicide Squad's s2). If The Joker/Unhinged Suicide Squad's special knocks out an opponent and triggers his passive (controls defeated opponent), Enchantress won't activate.


Unevolved: 20 Red, 20 Blue, 20 Green, 1 Purple.

Evolved: 24 Red, 24 Blue, 24 Green, 1 Purple.



  • +1: 1,000 credits, 4 red, 4 blue, and 4 green.
  • +2: 2,000 credits, 6 red, 6 bue, and 6 green.
  • +3: 3,000 credits, 8 red, 8 blue, and 8 green.
  • +4: 4,000 credits, 10 red, 10 blue, and 10 green.
  • +5: 5,000 credits, 12 red, 12 blue, and 12 green.
  • +6: 6,000 credits, 14 red, 14 blue, and 14 green.
  • +7: 7,000 credits, 16 red, 16 blue, and 16 green.
  • +8: 8,000 credits, 18 red, 18 blue, and 18 green.
  • +9: 9,000 credits, 20 red, 20 blue, and 20 green.
  • +10: 10,000 credits, 24 red, 24 blue, and 24 green.
  • Evolved: 60,000 credits, 15 red, 15 blue, 15 green, and 5 purple.
  • Sub-total: 115,000 credits, 147 red, 147 blue, 147 green, and 5 purple.
  • +1: 5,000 credits, 4 red, 4 blue, and 4 green.
  • +2: 10,000 credits, 6 red, 6 blue, and 6 green.
  • +3: 15,000 credits, 8 red, 8 blue, and 8 green.
  • +4: 20,000 credits, 12 red, 12 blue, 12 green.
  • +5: 25,000  credits, 20 red, 20 blue and 20 green.
  • +6: 30,000 credits, 28 red, 28 blue and 28 green.
  • +7: 35,000 credits, 36 red, 36 blue and 36 green.
  • +8: 40,000 credits, 48 red, 48 blue and 48 green.
  • +9: 45,000 credits, 60 red, 60 blue and 60 green.
  • Maxed: 50,000 credits, 72 red, 72 blue and 72 green.
  • Sub-total: 275,000 credits, 294 red, 294 blue and 294 green.
  • Total: 390,000 credits, 441 red, 441 blue, 441 green and 5 purple.


  • Due to the fact that the skulls won't appear if a Special(s) is not used "successfully" on a character, thus, if Superman/Injustice 2's passive is active when a Special Attack is used on him, and the same goes for Batman/Dawn of Justice (since he has a chance to evade specials because of his passive) as well, the skulls won't be coming at them.
    • However, this formerly does not apply for ALL versions of Harley Quinn, so if they were to activate their special 2, Bag-o-Tricks (and even without picking the bomb or picking the bomb but deals no damage), the gear's effect would still works and the skulls would still be activated!
Enchantress skulls around Unhinged Joker

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