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Femme Fatale Pack

Femme Fatale Pack is a rotating pack that contains Batgirl/Prime, Wonder Woman/600, and Harley Quinn/Animated for 400,000 Power Credits.

As the three characters cost 542,000 credits to purchase (600 Wonder Woman and Batgirl has to be unlocked through challenges or else many Challenge Booster Packs must be bought to randomly obtain them), therefore, this pack will save you ~26% Power Credits.

It costs just as much as the Red Son Pack; yet, compared to it, this pack's content is a much more aggressive team, the most significant difference coming from trading away +45% maximum health in return for +50% damage, but the inclusion of Animated Harley allows them to sustain through a lot of damage.

It's the only fixed pack known to have its contents changed. Batgirl Prime was added after the pack was introduced, replacing Catwoman/Batman Returns. Challenge Booster Pack and Most Wanted Pack also had their possible contents changed, but they are random character packs.


  • The term Femme Fatale refers to an attractive woman (or in this case women) with possibly flirtatious acts, especially one(s) who can bring destruction to many men whom got involved with them and/or known to bring destruction with them. Fits very good with the character's bio and relations to others in the game, especially for one such as Harley Quinn.

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