FlashIcon.png The Flash is the scarlet speedster; the fastest character in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. A paragon of power generation and equipped with sublime speed, the Flash delivers quick, lightning fast blows.

All versions of The Flash share two unique traits: Every version of the Flash has Flash/Prime 's passive of increasing speed by 15% when they use Lightning Kick, while Flash Prime can do this with both Lightning Kick and Sonic Pound. Their heavy basic combo, while having 12% damage total like most other characters, actually hits twice in one swipe. This is significant when used with unblockable basic chance gear (such as his own), as normally players using basics against blocking opponents will be interrupted after one hit, but they can hit twice when using a Flash character, giving a second chance to break block.

For The Flash's full console character biography, click here.



Included CardsEdit

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