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Fourth World Godly Helmet is a piece of 5-star gear evolved from Fourth World Helmet. The unevolved form can only be obtained through Survivor. It is part of the Fourth World Set (along with the Mace and the Chest Plate) which gains additional properties if 2 or 3 pieces are equipped to the same character.

IMG 1973-1-

The Helmet when Evolved!


  • 8-18% POWER GENERATION increase
  • BLOCKING stops 5-25% more damage
  • [EVOLVED] 15-25% STUN chance on tag-in

Fourth World Set PropertiesEdit

  • [3/3 SET EQUIPPED] 100% chance to regenerate X%-50% health over 30 seconds from your Special 1 (cooldown: 5 seconds)
  • [2/3 SET EQUIPPED] X% - 31% HEALTH restored when KOd (the minimum number is determined by the number of pieces owned + the sum of how evolved each individual piece is--thus, the true minimum is owning 2 unfused pieces; there is a different "minimum" if all 3 set pieces are owned)

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