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Gear Sets are trios of 4/5-star gears that gain additional properties when 2 or 3 pieces are equipped on the same character. They can only be earned in the Last Laugh minigame in Survivor. Only one of the sets are available at any time; they rotate in order (check the Survivor Mode page to find out which set is available at the time!).

All nine pieces of gear included in gear sets require equal amounts of blue shards and green shards to fuse, and only requires a few red shards and purple shards for evolving.

The stats of 2-piece set effects is calculated from all pieces of the set, regardless of which two pieces you have equipped (e.g. if you have evolved one piece and never upgraded the other two pieces, the effect would still be the same no matter whether you include the evolved piece).

Fourth World SetEdit

  • The Gear set available in Survivor Mode
  • The Helmet.
  • The Chest Plate.
  • The Mace.

LexCorp SetEdit

  • The Gear set available in Survivor Mode
  • The Helmet.
  • The Chest Armor.
  • The Gauntlets.

League of Assassins SetEdit

  • Gear set 3.png The Gear set is available in Survivor Mode
  • The Hood.
  • The Blade.
  • The Knives.

Companion CardEdit


  • Gear pieces in gear sets have a purple header when unevolved, when any other piece of gear has blueish gray. When evolved, it is gold like all other evolved gear. Their main background is also a nearly uniform dark grey, while other gear has a lighter, metallic grey with uneven vertical scratches.
  • With the release of the Fourth World Set, the standard for gear naming changed; all gear set pieces, along with more recent releases (Riddler's Staff, Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, Clark Kent's Glasses, and Batman's Cowl) are named in-game as such, instead of in all caps (e.g. BLUE LANTERN RING).
  • The Companion Cards do not actually have a set effect when put together, but are rather of the same theme.