Gold Booster Pack

A Gold Booster Pack contains one random gold character (19 out of 91 total: 13 from the Store, along with Shazam/Prime , the three non-Challenge Red Son cards, and two Console-Unlock (WBID) characters) as well as two random support cards or upgrade cards. They can be bought for 100,000 Power Credits each, and a discounted pack is available once per day for a cheaper price of 75,000 Power Credits.

Special Gold Pack

While being an unreliable way to obtain cards to promote a character, and the most common cards from the pack are the cheapest ones such as Bane/Prime, The Joker/Insurgency and Black Adam/Regime, the gold pack is nevertheless cheaper than any single gold card and was the only way to obtain Shazam/Prime (until the release of the Most Wanted Pack).

The Dawn of Justice Gold Pack added in the 2.8 update is very similar to this pack (despite having higher price) and it used to be the only way to obtain Batman/Dawn of Justice, and with the 2.10 update, came the Dawn of Justice Premium Pack, which allows a chance to obtain ALL 3 of the Dawn of Justice characters.

Challenge and Online Battle Season characters cannot be found in Gold Booster Packs; they are only available in Challenge Booster Packs and certain temporary packs.

2015-09-18 02.40.54

Possible contents of a Gold Booster Pack.


  1. Bane/Prime
  2. Batman/Insurgency
  3. Batman/Prime
  4. Black Adam/Regime
  5. Cyborg/Teen Titans
  6. Doomsday/Prime
  7. Lex Luthor/Krypto
  8. Lobo/Prime
  9. Nightwing/New 52
  10. Shazam/Prime (Super Rare)
  11. Superman/Prime
  12. Superman/Regime
  13. The Joker/Insurgency
  14. Wonder Woman/Regime
  15. Solomon Grundy/Red Son
  16. Superman/Red Son
  17. Wonder Woman/Red Son
  18. Harley Quinn/Arkham
  19. Superman/Prison

Characters UNDERLINED are non-Challenge Red Son characters. Characters BOLDED are Console-Unlock (WBID) characters.

Harley Quinn/Animated, Green Arrow/Arrow, Catwoman/Batman Returns, Batman/Beyond and Sinestro/Green Lantern are no longer available in this pack despite the pack description in the store.

Trivia Edit

  • Three of the most common drops from the Gold Booster Pack, as stated above, have all been given buffs to make them significantly stronger - with Black Adam/Regime being the most affected of all.
  • During the Black Friday sale of 2016, some packs were brought back at a 25% discount, and the daily reduced Gold Booster Pack (with its usual display of 25% discount) is actually being displayed as "0% off"!
IMG 3027

The Pack being discounted at 0%!