The Ice Breaker Pack is one of the new themed packs introduced in the 2.9 update. It's one of the temporary packs in the store and costs 360,000 Power Credits.
Ice Breaker Pack

The name for the pack has changed upon released.


Each is a challenge character and cannot be directly promoted unless her/his challenge was completed at least once. Copies of Killer Frost/Regime and Bane/Luchador are also already available in other packs, but this pack definitely offers a cheaper and sure way to promote all of these useful characters.

The guaranteed contents of the pack.

Trivia Edit

  • The two Killer Frosts once were a deliberate pairing on many teams, as their debuffing passives were simple to deploy and cripple in conjunction. Killer Frost/Regime has since come to see much less use, possibly because a lot of health is regained by way of regeneration effects on gear (which her passive does not affect).
  • Bane/Luchador is possibly included in this pack as a way complete the "icebreaker" pun, as he is not too uncommonly referenced as "the man who broke the Bat" (the name of his super attack also alludes to that reputation).
  • This pack, along with the Sorcery Booster and the Alien Invasion Pack were not released in the store prior to their 2.9 update. Although in the next update, this is the first among these 3 packs to be officially released in, though its name changed from "Ice Breaker Booster" to this instead.
  • During the Catwoman/Ame-Comi's challenge in the 2.10.1 update, since both Killer Frost and Bane were two of the requirements, this pack has finally been added into the store for players to obtain the characters!
  • Previously, this pack costed 480,000 Power Credits. In 2.20, it was reduced by 120,000 Power Credits to this new price.

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