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Welcome to the
A wiki about the Injustice Mobile game made by NetherRealm Studios with association from DC Comics
This wiki contains 526 articles and 1,760 images since its creation on May 29th, 2014.

HOWEVER, note this wiki/we are NOT, in anyways, related or working/associated with either DC Comics or NetherRealm Studios. So please do not ask us or the wikians here about characters, gears, or game-related "wishlist", updates, etc.

If you have a question regarding technical issues, and want to know how to resolve them, please check out the Contact Support page. Otherwise, you may also contact the game developers and ask them here: WB Support.

Or, if you have a question regarding the console game, go to the Injustice: Gods Among Us Wiki.

NOTE: In the case that the homepage hasn't been updated yet due to the admin(s)' absence and/or inconveniences, please check here as the page would be more "regularly" updated by our non-admins members. Thanks for your patience and we apologize for any delay and inconveniences this might have caused. Tr143 (talk) 14:56, March 23, 2017 (UTC)Tr143

  • Batman/Blackest Night's Challenge Mode is now available!
  • Don't miss out on your chance to obtain the legendary Astro Harness gear piece!
  • Any Silver character.

Current Version: 2.15 (Available as of April 21st, 2017)
Current Challenge: Batman/Blackest Night (ends May 25th)

Upcoming Challenges:

Current Online Battle season: Astro Force (ends May 25th)

Upcoming Online Battle season rewards (unconfirmed and not in order):

Crown of Krypton and Claw of Horus are both unconfirmed.
Current Survivor Set: League of Assassins Set (ends May 24th)
Current Rotating Packs in Store (Packs in Italics are the ones that are currently at 25% off!): Superman Starter Pack, Blackest Night Doomsday Pack, Arkham Pack
Newly-added Packs: Superman Starter Pack
Upcoming Packs: Hollywood Pack (unconfirmed)
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Also noted: polls will be added in weekly (or 2-3 weeks in rotation), as the admin(s) will do their best to create one, for the purpose of enjoyment for everyone in the wiki - The Hero that Gotham City/This Wiki Needs, Not the One It Deserves Right Now 02:55, June 23, 2016 (UTC)

For previous polls and NEW polls (in the case that admins have not updated this page due to inconveniences), please check out the Poll Archive.

This page was designed by Legopanama. Contact him if you encounter any problems REGARDING the design/layout/format of the page. HOWEVER, if you have any other concerns and/or questions regarding the INFO(S) on this page, please contact The Wiki's Main Admin instead. Thank you.

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