Last Laugh is a mini-game that occurs after you cash out or lose in Survivor mode.


Claim your prizes in the Last Laugh minigame!

Last Laugh tickets are given after winning every third Survivor matches (starting on match 3, then 6, 9, 12, etc.) and can be rarely obtained from the wheel before every match (1/8 chance assuming the wheel is fair). Unlike the jackpot, the tickets are kept even if you lose.

There are three different things you can get: Gear, Augments, or, with The Joker being the host, you can get nothing. Out of the 8 slots, there is always one "HA HA HA" slot that results in no reward, but the number of gear and augment slots are random; it is possible to have up to 7 augment slots (with no gear slots) or up to 7 gear slots (with no augment slots).

Last Laugh tickets needed for the minigame.

Last Laugh is the only way to obtain Survivor-exclusive Gear Sets , as well as augmentations other than XP. The drop rate of exclusive gear is estimated to be 15% (all pieces combined, not one fixed piece; for the LexCorp Set, it appears the Chest Armour is the most common and the Gauntlets are the rarest) solely counting when you hit the gear slot. Assuming the slot you hit and the distribution of the number of slots are truly random, the overall drop rate would be roughly 5.7%.


  • This isn't the first time Joker has hosted a luck-based time-gated minigame with exclusive rewards.
  • Previously, Last Laugh tickets are awarded after match 2, 5, 8, etc. instead.
  • It is possible to not spend your Last Laugh tickets by force-quitting the game in the Last Laugh interface. The tickets will still be available the next time you play Survivor. This can be advantageous if you wish to save tickets for a gear set you want in particular that is due to be available. It was possible to obtain over 100 tickets with this method; the total number would be displayed properly in the Survivor fight interface, but as the Last Laugh interface only has 2 digits, numbers over 100 would be displayed as 9X with the X being the last digit of the actual number. For example, 104 tickets will be displayed as 94, but when it falls below 90 it would go back to 99, the actual number of tickets left. This has been patched at one point, and force-quitting the game would just bring you back to the mid-battle interface when you next open Survivor, but later this functionality was restored.

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