The League of Assassins Adept Blade is a piece of Legendary (5-star) gear that can be evolved from the Epic (4-star) gearLeague of Assassins Initiate Blade. The unevolved version can be obtained from the Last Laugh tickets in Survivor Mode and is part of the League of Assassins Set. It is considered to be the most common piece of the set.

  • The unevolved League of Assassins Initiate Blade.
  • The unevolved League of Assassins Initiate Blade Stats.
  • The evolved League of Assassins Adept Blade.
  • The evolved League of Assassins Adept Blade Stats.


  • 10% - 30% DAMAGE BOOST to basic attacks
  • 1% - 21% LIFEDRAIN chance on combo ender
  • [EVOLVED] 5% - 10% damage DOT added on Special

League of Assassins Set Properties Edit

  • [2/3 SET EQUIPPED] If an opponent tags out within 12 seconds of you tagging in: STEALS 5% - 35% POWER
  • [3/3 SET EQUIPPED] If an opponent tags out within 12 seconds of you tagging in: HIGH DAMAGE


The DOT is based on your opponent's maximum health, regardless of tapping/swiping, blocking, or anything else. When evolved using a Special (not Super Move) will additionally deal 0.5% ~ 1% of enemy maximum health every second for 10 seconds.

It is not affected by Catwoman/Batman Returns, or any other damage boost other than bleed (+20% per stack of bleed). Crit buffs from Batman/Beyond Animated and Scorpion/Mortal Kombat X's passives can cause it to crit. The DOT will trigger Catwoman/Prime and Catwoman/Regime's passives.

DOT on special gear can be stacked. It is possible for it to do total damage of up to 26% of the target's health in one application with Ibistick, LexCorp Helmet Amour V2 and League of Assassins Adept Blade.

Some characters with specials that has hits at the same time or very close to each other can apply DOT multiple times at once. For example, while both Batgirl/Cassandra Cain and Batgirl/Arkham Knight have a 4-hit special 1, the DOT is applied 3 times (as there is a long delay between the 1st hit and 2nd, while hits 2-4 are almost simultaneous). Other character exhibiting this quality on s1 include all versions of Batman, whether 2-hit or 7-hit, all apply DOT twice. The sole exception is Batman/Beyond Animated, who only hits once and only applies it once. However, other characters with special 1s with very close hits, such as Darkseid/Prime or Deathstroke/Arkham Origins, do not exhibit this quality.

Static/Prime's and Zatanna's special 2 applies the DOT 4 times at the end. Batgirl/Prime special 2 applies it 2 times at the end.

Catwoman/Ame-Comi applies DOT twice on her special 2, on both the first hit and the third (last) hit, and Doomsday/Blackest Night applies it on the third and fourth hits (last 2) of his special 2, despite there being a large delay between them. Batman/Flashpoint's special 2 applies it twice, on both of the last two hits (grappling gun, flying kick), although the kick is not performed if blocked. The Arkham Knight's special 2 only applies it once, on the last normal hit. The drone cannot apply the DOT.

For most other cases DOT is strictly applied by the last hit. If the last hit misses or is not performed (for example, not tapping during Batman/Arkham Origins's SP2 causes only 1 hit to be performed instead of the normal 3, and being blocked causes Darkseid/Prime's SP2's third hit to not be performed), it is not applied. An exception is The Joker/Suicide Squad and The Joker/Unhinged Suicide Squad's special 1 - if it gets the power gain effect, there will be no second hit, but the DOT would be applied on the first hit instead, which also gives you an advance notice that Joker will receive that effect.

Harley Quinn's special 2 would only apply DOT if she chooses the bomb, and not if she chooses the flower (healing) or picture (damage boost). For the case of Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad, the power gain, as well as the enhanced picture (which brings The Joker/Suicide Squad or The Joker/Unhinged Suicide Squad in for an attack), will not apply DOT (no matter whether Harley or Joker has DOT gear), despite that the latter deals damage. Aquaman/Prime's Atlantean Hero will not apply DOT on use.

The DOT effect that this gear inflicts is not fire as it still affects Scorpion/Klassic.


By far the most common piece of the set, the Adept Blade is also often considered one of the weakest singular piece of legendary gear. It's 30% basic damage bonus is dwarfed by the 70% from maxed 4-star gear, the 21% life drain on combo ender is nearly negligible compared to Gauntlets of Azrael's max 95%, and while the DOT is decent, it is overshadowed by The Ibistick, which, while doing the same total damage, does it twice as quickly (5 seconds as opposed to 10) and has a large power generation boost to use specials more often. Nevertheless, it is still often paired with the Ibistick for large amounts of % health shred, and as a part of the League of Assassin's set, grudgingly included for set effects even if its own effects are poor. As it is very common, it is advisable to max it out unless you're tight on credits, as doing so would allow shattering it to yield massive amounts of blue and green shards.


Level Credits BlueShard GreenShard
+1 1,000 4 4
+2 2,000 6 6
+3 3,000 8 8
+4 4,000 10 10
+5 5,000 12 12
+6 6,000 14 14
+7 7,000 16 16
+8 8,000 18 18
+9 9,000 20 20
+10 10,000 24 24

Evolving costs 30,000 credits, 5 red shards, 15 blue shards, 15 green shards and 3 purple shards.

Level Credits BlueShard GreenShard
+1 5,000 4 4
+2 10,000 6 6
+3 15,000 8 8
+4 20,000 12 12
+5 25,000 20 20
+6 30,000 28 28
+7 35,000 36 36
+8 40,000 48 48
+9 45,000 60 60
+10 50,000 72 72

Shattering Edit

Evolution BlueShard GreenShard PurpleShard Bonus


RedShard BlueShard GreenShard
Unevolved 22 23 1 --> ? ? ?
Evolved 24 24 1 --> 2-4 6-12 5-14
Maxed 24 24 1 --> ? 48-69 36-70


  • The League of Assassins Adept Blade is, lore-wise, similar to Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar, as both have a basic damage boost and an effect on combo ender.
  • Its DOT is unique in that it has no notifying text, or even animation (like the fire for burning, which is the case for the other two % health damage gear) at all. The numbers simply appear and the opponent takes damage.