League of Assassins Set is a 4/5 star gear set that, while already powerful in their own right, gains additional properties when 2 or 3 pieces of the set are equipped to the same character , and can only be earned from Survivor (released on the 11th of January 2016). It was the third gear set made available, after the Fourth World Set and the LexCorp Set.

Unevolved FormsEdit

Evolved FormsEdit


League Of Assassins Throwing/Adept KnivesEdit

  • 10% - 30% POWER GENERATION increase
  • 20% - 40% DAMAGE BOOST to special 1
  • [EVOLVED] AREA EFFECT: opponent's team takes 30% - 50% damage from special 1

League Of Assassins (Adept) HoodEdit

  • 10% - 50% CRIT chance on basic attacks
  • CRIT BOOST: 10% - 50% more damage on CRIT attacks
  • [EVOLVED] DISABLE enemy specials: 40% chance on special 1

League of Assassins Initiate/Adept BladeEdit

  • 10% - 30% DAMAGE BOOST to basic attacks
  • 1% - 21% LIFEDRAIN chance on combo ender
  • [EVOLVED] 5% - 10% damage DOT added on special

League of Assassins Set PropertiesEdit

  • [2/3 SET EQUIPPED] If an opponent tags out within 12 seconds of you tagging in: STEALS 5% - 35% POWER [sic]
  • [3/3 SET EQUIPPED] If an opponent tags out within 12 seconds of you tagging in: HIGH DAMAGE


HIGH DAMAGE equals 55% of the user's damage stat in the set's unevolved form. This is not affected by damage boosts, not even Deathstroke/Arkham Origins' inherent 8% bonus damage per promotion.

The power steal increases by 0.5% for every fusing. However, the actual power stolen appears to be 3 times of the stated amount; e.g. if the set is fully evolved, triggering the effect will immediately grant full power. This has since being changed during 2.12 and now it will grant the actual amount of power as stated.

The set effects are activated just as they are described; if your opponent tags out within 12 second of the user of the set tagging in, the effects will apply to the next person tagging in. This makes a team combination of Hawkgirl/Prime and Sinestro/Antimatter quite deadly.

Starting a match with the character using the set will count as as tag in, and they will apply the trapped effect if their opponent tags out or is knocked out within 12 seconds.

Additionally, knock out blows will trap the next opponent, and knocking out a trapped opponent does trigger the set effect. The effect will trigger as long as the trapped opponent tags out or is knocked out, even if they are currently facing a different character (not the one with the set), allowing the current character to benefit from the effect despite not being equipped with the set. However, the damage will still scale to the set's user's damage, not the currently active teammate's damage.


  • The hood and knives use "Of" capitalized, while the blade and the set name use "of" without capitalization.
  • At release, knocking out a trapped opponent does not trigger the set effect, only trapping the next opponent instead. This was later changed again to not affect the next opponent at all.
  • There is a glitch in Online Battles that, if you tag in within 12 seconds, and if the opponent is able to steal enough of your power and is able to use their Supermove, upon attacking them with a Special right away, then you won't deal any damage to them, or any damage will be dealt to you (if you've been previously hit with a DOT specials before this happened); the opponent will not attack you, either side will be able to tag out, but you still can attack them with basic attacks, despite dealing no damage, but you would still generate power but can't use them. Thus you will have to quit the match (by exiting back to homescreen, since you can't tap on anything else on the screen except for basic attacks).
  • There was a long-running error in the actual effects for the set. The set effects used to activate if your opponent tagged out within 12 seconds of tagging in (the actions taken by the user did not affect the "Trapped" effect at all). This made it considerably more deadly with Antimatter Sinestro, as he was able to defeat entire teams with much higher stats without ever taking damage himself. This bug was resolved in the 2.12 update.

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