The LexCorp Set is a trio of 4/5-star gear set that, while already powerful in their own right, gains additional properties when 2 or 3 pieces are equipped to the same character, and can only be obtained through Survivor (was also the second gear set made available), along with the Fourth World Set and the League of Assassins Set.

The LexCorp Set includes:

Basic Forms

Evolved Forms


LexCorp Gauntlets V1/2

  • 10% - 30% STUN chance on Tag-In
  • 20% - 40% CRIT chance on special 1
  • [EVOLVED] 50% - 60% chance to regenerate 20% health over 5 seconds from your Special 1 (cooldown: 5 seconds)

LexCorp Chest Armour V1/2

  • 50% - 70% CRIT chance on basic attacks
  • 10% - 20% chance to REFLECT ALL SPECIALS while blocking
  • [EVOLVED] 49% - 99% LIFEDRAIN chance on special 2

LexCorp Helmet V1/2

  • BLOCKING stops 20% - 40% more damage
  • CRIT BOOST: 30% - 50% more damage on CRIT attacks
  • [EVOLVED] 1% - 6% damage DOT added on special

LexCorp Set Properties

  • [2/3 SET EQUIPPED] 39% - 69% POWER given instead of drained
  • [3/3 SET EQUIPPED] 1.5 base DAMAGE applied every second to enemy


2/3 set effect

It grants power that would have been drained, so you will receive power even if originally there was none to be drained.

If the power drain of a special is reversed by the set effect, Reverse Flash's Cellular Regeneration will not give him further power.

The power drain reverse works on Aquaman/Regime's passive, which normally allows his super move to drain all power from the enemy team, but doesn't fully fill power.

Power drain reverse will still activate even if the user is already immune to power drain , such as Lobo/Prime, Static, and Batman/Arkham Knight with the power drain immune buff.

Additionally, it would also works against the Mother Box's Drain ability at the start of the match, so the equipped character can gain up to 1.40 bar of power instantly!

3/3 set effect

Deals 1.5x of the user's damage stat against their opponent every second, as long as the user is tagged in. It is calculated from the damage shown on the character card, unaffected by passives and most damage boosts. It causes a green mist effect to appear around the opponent, but this may not always appear.

It is not classified as damage over time, and is unaffected by Catwoman's passives or Cloak of Destiny, but the damage will be increased by 20% per stack of bleeding. It cannot be applied by Aquaman/Prime's Atlantean Hero, and cannot deal a knockout blow.

This damage can crit through global crit sources such as Batman/Beyond Animated's passive. It will also be affected by crit boost, such as that on LexCorp Helmet V2.