Life Drain can be referring to either a special effect or a modifier.

Special effectsEdit

Life Drain, Lifedrain or Life Steal is a special effect that allows characters to gain Health when they deal damage.


Life Drain as a statistic can be found on certain gears. 3/4-star life drain gear has this character-specific effect on a special, and will heal the user by 50% of the Damage dealt if activated.

On the other hand, the Gauntlets of Azrael which has a high chance of healing any character and their teammates by 100% of the damage dealt by their Combo ender; additionally, LexCorp Chest Armour V2 has up to 99% chance to life drain upon using an SP2!


Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night's passive has a life drain phase that allows him to heal his whole team by full damage dealt by most sources for about 6 seconds.

Darkseid/Apokolips's passive gives his Combo Enders a chance to do an additional hit for massively increased damage (5x of normal) and heal himself for full damage dealt.



Life Drain (called Vampire during the Red Lantern Hal Jordan and The Flash/Earth 2 challenge boss fights) is also one of the Modifiers where opponents gain health equal to a percentage of the damage they deal. The percentage varies depending on the match in question. Life Drain can be encountered in Challenge Mode, Survivor, or regular standard battles.