Packs, also known as Booster Packs, can be bought with Power Credits or real money in the Store OR can be obtained if the player completes a certain amount of Battles for a character's Challenge. They can contain either character cards, with or without support cards, along with a possible chance for Upgrades, and/or Gear cards. For some packs, their contents may be fixed or random; on the other hand, some can be permanent or temporary (i.e. does not always appear in the store).

IMG 0490 (2)

The Packs icon in the Store.

Obtaining a character who first needs to be unlocked in Challenge Mode or a WBID account (or through the Store) can be promoted DIRECTLY with Power Credits. Otherwise, if obtained from most Packs, they cannot be promoted directly.

Permanent packsEdit

  1. Bronze Booster Pack
  2. Challenge Booster Pack
  3. Gear Booster Pack (Not Available Anymore)
  4. Gear Locker
  5. Gold Booster Pack
  6. Most Wanted Pack
  7. Silver Booster Pack

Temporary PacksEdit

The pack(s) currently in the store are bolded.

  1. Alien Invasion Pack - Darkseid/PrimeMartian Manhunter/Prime, and Lobo/Prime
  2. Apokolips Darkseid Challenge Pack (Not Available Anymore)
  3. Arkham Asylum PackBatman/Arkham OriginsDeathstroke/Arkham Origins, and Harley Quinn/Arkham
  4. Arkham Pack - 3 random characters from the Arkham series (with both Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight characters)
  5. Batman Animated Pack - Batman/Beyond, Batman/Beyond Animated, Harley Quinn/Animated
  6. Black Friday Pack 1
  7. Black Friday Pack 2
  8. Black Friday Pack 3
  9. Blackest Night Booster Pack - Batman/Blackest NightHawkgirl/Blackest Night, and Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night
  10. Bleed Out Pack - Catwoman/Batman Returns, Aquaman/Regime, and Scorpion/Mortal Kombat
  11. Christmas Pack 1
  12. Christmas Pack 2
  13. Dawn of Justice Gear Locker - with a random chance to obtain the 3 Dawn of Justice gears!
  14. Dawn of Justice Gold Pack - with a random chance to obtain Batman/Dawn Of Justice
  15. Dawn of Justice Premium Pack - with a random chance to obtain the 3 Dawn of Justice characters!
  16. Femme Fatale Pack - Batgirl/Prime (used to be Catwoman/Batman Returns), Wonder Woman/600, and Harley Quinn/Animated
  17. Gotham City Pack - The Joker/Insurgency, Batman/Prime, and Bane/Prime
  18. Gotham Pack - contains 3 random characters from Gotham City.
  19. Holiday Booster Pack
  20. Hollywood Pack
  21. Ice Breaker PackBane/LuchadorKiller Frost/Regime and Killer Frost/Prime
  22. Injustice 2 Premium Pack, Gold card and two support cards with a chance to get Aquaman/Injustice 2 and Superman/Injustice 2
  23. Injustice 2 Promo Pack
  24. Justice League Pack - Superman/Prime, Wonder Woman/Regime, and Aquaman/Prime
  25. Large Challenge Bundle - 20 Challenge Credits (Not Available Anymore)
  26. Man of Steel Pack - contains only 2 characters, Superman/Man of Steel and Zod/Man of Steel.
  27. Metropolis Pack - Superman/Prime, Lex Luthor/Krypto, and Doomsday/Prime
  28. Red Lantern Challenge Pack (Not Available Anymore)
  29. Red Son Pack - 3 random Red Son characters
  30. Small Challenge Bundle - 3 Challenge Credits (Not Available Anymore)
  31. Sorcery Pack - Raven/PrimeZatanna/Prime, and Black Adam/Kahndaq
  32. Starter Pack - Batman/PrimeWonder Woman/Prime, and Doomsday/Regime
  33. Suicide Squad Daily Bonus Pack
  34. Suicide Squad Gold Pack - with a random chance to obtain The Joker Unhinged/Suicide Squad
  35. Superman Starter Pack
  36. Survivor Pack - Scorpion/Mortal Kombat X , Scorpion/Mortal Kombat and Lobo/Bounty Hunter
  37. Tag Team Pack - Bane/Luchador, Hawkgirl/Prime, and Nightwing/New 52
  38. TV Pack - Green Arrow/Arrow, The Flash/Reverse Flash, and The Flash/Metahuman
  39. Villains Starter Pack - The Joker/Insurgency, Doomsday/Prime, and Bane/Regime (can only be purchased once per update)
  40. Wally West Gold Pack - with a random chance of getting The Flash/Wally West Rebirth
  41. Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Booster Pack - contains 4 versions of Wonder Woman, along with all of her Support Cards and her signature gear!

Early Access PacksEdit

Early Access Packs are generally released slightly prior to the character's official release, and retracted around the same time their Challenge Mode expires. The pack(s) currently in the store are bolded.

  1. Ame-Comi Catwoman Early Access Bundle
  2. Ame-Comi Catwoman Pack
  3. Anti-Matter Sinestro Pack
  4. Arkham Killer Croc Bundle
  5. Arkham Killer Croc Early Access Bundle
  6. Arkham Knight Batgirl Early Access Bundle
  7. Arkham Knight Catwoman Pack
  8. Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Pack
  9. Blackest Night Doomsday Pack
  10. Blackest Night Hawkgirl Early Access Bundle
  11. Dawn of Justice Superman Pack
  12. Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Pack
  13. Earth 2 Solomon Grundy Pack
  14. Flash Earth 2 Bundle
  15. Flashpoint Batman Early Access Bundle
  16. Hawkgirl Earth 2 Bundle
  17. Injustice 2 Aquaman Pack
  18. Injustice 2 Superman Pack
  19. Kahndaq Black Adam Pack
  20. Rebirth Green Arrow Bundle
  21. Rebirth Jessica Cruz Early Access Pack
  22. Rebirth Raven Early Access Bundle
  23. Rebirth Raven Early Access Pack
  24. Scorpion Klassic Bundle
  25. Suicide Squad Deadshot Early Access Bundle
  26. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Early Access Bundle
  27. Suicide Squad Joker Early Access Bundle
  28. Superman New 52 Bundle
  29. Teen Titans Raven Early Access Pack
  30. The Dawn of Justice Triple Pack
  31. The Flash Starter Pack
  32. Worst Heroes Ever Bundle
  33. Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan Early Access Bundle
  34. Zatanna Bundle


  • Previously, the card's stats on the pack's interface are modified by support cards. This has since been removed and now they show their base stats.
  • Most of the non-random temporary packs are around 25% cheaper than the characters are separately. A major exception is the Arkham Asylum Pack, which only saves about 3.6% possibly due to the difficulty of otherwise obtaining Harley Quinn/Arkham.

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