Game Updates

Version 2.2

  • New Online Battles Background
  • New Collection UI
  • Support Cards in Store now only display what you're missing
  • Characters Tab now shows promotion and if they need one, they can be bought there unless stated otherwise
  • New "Add Characters " tab
  • New name tab which can be used to quickly find cards by sorting of rarity, damage, and health
  • You can't buy individual characters anymore from the store if you have them already
  • You can sell all the cards from one character or gear
  • Characters now can all be viewed as if they were in "store" such as Shazam/Prime and Red Son Superman
  • New "Revenge" feature for multiplayer; allows a player on Offense to verse someone who defeated them on Defense
  • Multiplayer rewards increased, including a possible Ares reward card (skin unknown)
  • New gear, including Magic Wand for Zatanna and Bloody Sword for Ares
  • Music is improved and more smooth
  • New challenge characters; Red Son Green Lantern , Aquaman Prime (ph), Raven Prime (ph) and Zatanna
  • New Ares card added (skin unknown)
  • Ultimate Battles in multiplayer, allowing up to 7 fights at once and better rewards

Wiki Updates

Released July 22nd, 2014