Power Drain removes a certain amount of power from the affected character(s)' power bars, preventing use of Special Attack. Unlike most status effects, blocking only reduces its effectiveness, while all other status effects are either completely negated or completely unaffected by block.

Characters capable of power drainEdit

All versions of Nightwing, all versions of Lex Luthor, Green Arrow/Insurgency, Green Arrow/Arrow and Sinestro/Antimatter have power drain on special 1. Note that Green Arrow's special 1 drains less power than Nightwing or Lex Luthor, contributing to his lack of popularity.

Sinestro/Regime, Sinestro/Prime, Black Adam/Regime and Black Adam/Prime can power drain with their special 2. Zatanna/Prime can choose to power drain with her special 2, which is tied to her passive.

Martian Manhunter/Prime's combo enders has a chance to power drain.

Raven/Regime's basic attacks will power drain when her health fall below 40%.

Catwoman/Ame-Comi's combo ender has a 25% chance to power drain.

Aquaman/Regime's passive allows his super move to drain all power from the enemy team. This power drain used to be unique in that it ignored all forms of power drain immunity and invulnerability, but this was later changed and now those affected will prevent his power drain as well.

Black Adam/Kahndaq is able to power drain upon using both of his specials and his combo-ender.

Power drain gearEdit

Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar offers a power drain on Combo Ender. Fourth World Godly Mace grants a chance to power drain on special 2. Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth is able to power drain upon tag in. Mother Box power drains at the start of match.

Certain pieces of signature gear, such as The Joker's Comically Long Pistol, allows the character to have a chance to power drain on a certain special.

Characters with s1 power drain on gearEdit

Characters with s2 power drain on gearEdit

Counters to power drain Edit

Immune Characters Edit

Static/Prime, Lobo/Prime, and Green Lantern/Red Lantern Hal Jordan are always immune to power drain. Batman/Arkham Knight can choose power drain immunity out of the six buffs offered by his passive. Shazam/Prime is immune to power drain from specials while his passive is active. However, he is still vulnerable to power drain through basic attacks (Black Adam/Kahndaq, Raven/Regime, etc.). Invulnerability effects (Militarized Batmobile as well as Green Lantern/John Stewart's passive) will also prevent power drain. Superman/Injustice 2 can also prevent power drain if his Kryptonian Fortitude is active. Reverse Flash can restore all lost power if he uses Cellular Regeneration after losing power through a special.

LexCorp Set Edit

When a character equipped with 2/3 of the LexCorp Set is hit by a power drain attack, instead of losing power, they gain power equivalent to a percentage of what would have been drained, as stated on the gear.

Damage reduction Edit

The effect of power drain can be reduced with blocking gear.

Nightwing/Regime and Nightwing/Prime's passives reduces basic damage taken, and will also reduce power drain through basic attacks, such as Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar.


  • Many forms of power drain are denoted by a small amount of additional damage. For example, while Regime Raven's passive is active, 15 flat damage is added to all her basic attacks (30 for combo enders). Regime Aquaman's super does small, random amount of Area Effect damage. This applies to normal specials as well: Lex Luthor's Lance Blast does 50 flat damage as the power drain hit; against power-drain immune enemies, this hit disappears entirely. The exceptions are combo ender effects like Martian Manhunter/Prime's passive or Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar.

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