Promoting or Eliting is one of the four ways to increase a character's Damage and Health, other than leveling up, applying augments, or buying support cards; and it can be found either by clicking on the Character's card itself, or by clicking on the Store and/or the Sell menu.
IMG 0009

Promoting characters through the Store.

Following the introduction of the Breakthrough Mode in the 2.13 update, promotions can be done up to 10 times (11 cards in total). The elite rank of a card can be seen as a roman numeral in the top left corner. "III" means it's at the third elite rank; this goes up to X. Fully promoted cards are often referred to as "EV10" or "E10", and this applies to other ranks as well. Cards that have never been promoted don't show anything in that corner, but are referred to as "normal" on the card's interface and are sometimes referred to as "E0", or "base".

Only characters who have been elited to E7, have reached LV 50 and have gone through the Breakthrough Mode can be promoted to E10.

You can promote a character with an extra copy of the card. This destroys the extra copy and causes it to go up an elite rank, but does not alter the character otherwise, including the level. It does not matter whether you level or promote a character first, they'll still arrive at the same maximum stats as dictated by their base stats.

Characters who are always available at the start of the game, as well as characters unlocked from Challenge Mode or an WBID can be promoted directly on their card interface. Obtaining a character who needs to be unlocked in Challenge Mode or a WBID account from a pack will not unlock them for direct promotions.


Rank Damage Health
Normal 100% 100%
Elite I 150% 150%
Elite II 200% 200%
Elite III 300% 300%
Elite IV 350% 360%
Elite V 400% 400%
Elite VI 450% 450%
Elite VII 500% 500%
Elite VIII 550% 550%
Elite IX 600% 600%
Elite X 650% 650%

The only discrepancy is Elite IV. Whether this is an error is unknown.


Rank Damage Health
Normal 100% 100%
Elite I 140% 140%
Elite II 180% 180%
Elite III 220% 220%
Elite IV 260% 260%
Elite V 300% 300%
Elite VI 340% 340%
Elite VII 380% 380%
Elite VIII 420% 420%
Elite IX 460% 460%
Elite X 500% 500%


  • Before Injustice 2.0, the maximum promotion a card could receive was 5, or "V".
  • Before Update 2.13, the maximum promotion a card could receive was 7 (although this promotion level is still very common).
  • Prior to update 2.13, hackers in Online Battles can be seen with cards at Elite X and level 99, although their stats are still capped at Elite VII level 50. This should be distinguished between characters who have been elited to EX through Breakthrough, as their stats would still be higher, and not capped at E7.
  • If you maxed out a character before, and if you received a free copy of that characters, the extra cards amount will be listed despite no promotion bar will show up.
    IMG 0274

    Receiving extra card of a maxed out character.

Improving characters
 Level Promotion Support cards Augment Gear