RavenIcon.png Raven is a character in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile, utilizing the powerful dark magic of Azarath, she can utterly destroy the opposition, even without support from her teammates, making her the most unstoppable and game changing character to ever hit Injustice Mobile.

For Raven's full console character biography, click here.


General TriviaEdit

  • Raven's basic attacks combo is unusual in damage. Most characters do initial damage, then with the combo ender they do an extra 50% damage, whereas Raven does one 50% extra damage hit and one 100% extra damage hit. This means without any boosts, most characters' light combos does 9% of their damage stat as damage, while Raven does 13%.
  • She is the second chronological Challenge-only character to have 3 skins in the game, after Aquaman, and later joined by Hawkgirl.
  • She also became the first Challenge-exclusive character to have 4 different skins!

Included CardsEdit