Riddler's Staff is a Legendary (5-star) Gear evolved from Riddler's Cane. Riddler's Cane is available as an Online Battle reward by ranking top 5% during certain seasons.
  • The unevolved form.
  • The Evolved form.


  • 25% - 35% MAX HEALTH Increase
  • 1% - 15% XP bonus to team
  • [EVOLVED] 11% - 21% chance to BLINK against special 1


Blink is a unique effect that causes the user to temporarily disappear at the beginning of the enemy special and only return once it is finished. It is comparable to Batman/Dawn of Justice's passive, but unlike the Staff, his passive works on both special 1 and 2.


Blinking against a special.

The growth of the XP bonus increases by 0.5% for each fusing, except for when it is evolved, which causes it to jump from 6% to 10%.

Also noted, currently, characters that are equipped with this will noticeably gain the extra X% of XP as mentioned in its effect ONLY when a Double Bonus XP weekend comes, whereas during regular days the gear's effect will not gain any as mentioned.

Strategy Edit

Riddler's Cane frontpage

Riddler's Cane as seen in the Online Battle interface.

Helps you level up your characters at a faster rate. However, currently it adds the boost invisibly, so doesn't appear to work without looking at the total XP earned.

As one of its effects is non-combat, and the other two effects are often seen as unimpressively defensive, Riddler's Staff is easily the least effective out of all legendary gear.


  • Riddler's Cane is the second Online Battle season reward gear to get its unique portrait, after The Batmobile, but was later followed by Soultaker Sword and Mother Box.
  • Currently this gear is "glitched", as it only provides bonus XP to the character that its equipped with.