Scarecrow's Ventilator Mask is a piece of Legendary (5-star) gear introduced in the 2.12 update and is evolved from the 4-star gear Scarecrow's Mask. The unevolved form can be obtained by ranking top 5% in certain Online Battle seasons.

  • The unevolved form
  • The Evolved form.


  • Reflect 20% - 40% Blocked SP Damage back at opponent.
  • ON Tag-in, Healing is negated for 5 - 9.50 Seconds.
  • [Evolved] On Tag-in, 50% - 100% chance that the opposing player cannot see their character Icons.


IMG 2607

The opponent is unable to see their characters!

All of the effects of this gear are quite unique. The first effect is unique in that whenever the character equipped with it blocks a special, a specific amount of that special's damage will be reflect back. It is unlike the reflection effects of gears such as Charged Disc because it is guaranteed to occur on every hit, but does not reflect as much damage. The user also gains power when blocking specials making it a very helpful gear for power generation.

The second effect is similar to Killer Frost/Regime's passive. Whenever the character equipped with it tags in, their opponent will be unable to heal themselves for a short amount of time. Regeneration effects, such as the one provided by the Fourth World Set are not included, and will still fully function. However, it will disable the Regeneration handicap in some matches. Other methods of healing, such as through Raven/Prime or Reverse Flash's passives are also not included.

The third effect is likely the most novel. Upon tag-in, there is a chance that the opponent cannot see their own character icons for 6-7 seconds. This means that they can't see how many power bars they have or the identities of their tagged out teammates. This does not affect the AI, and only functions defensively for Online Battle.

However, note that if the user is able to reflect back damage, that means the attacker will receive back damage as well, and since BOTH sides are receiving damages, that would also means that both sides will gain Power. This is especially worth noting on characters that deal multiple hits on their specials, such as The Flash/Metahuman, The Flash/Reverse Flash, Doomsday/Blackest Night, etc. Also, an interesting note, after the opponent uses a special on the equipped character, and if able to reflect back the damage, then that opponent will be Poisoned for 2 seconds.






  • +1: 1,000 credits, 4 red, 4 blue and 4 green.
  • +2: 2.000 credits, 6 red, 6 blue and 6 green.
  • +3: 3,000 credits, 8 red, 8 blue and 8 green.
  • +4: 4,000 credits, 10 red, 10 blue and 10 green.
  • +5: 5,000 credits, 12 red, 12 blue and 12 green.
  • +6: 6,000 credits, 14 red, 14 blue and 14 green.
  • +7: 7,000 credits, 16 red, 16 blue and 16 green.
  • +8: 8,000 credits, 18 red, 18 blue and 18 green.
  • +9: 9,000 credits, 20 red, 20 blue and 20 green.
  • +10: 20,000 credits, 24 red, 24 blue and 24 green.
  • +Evolved: 60,000 credits, 15 red, 15 blue, 15 green and 3 purple.
  • Sub-total: 125,000 credits, 147 red, 147 blue, 147 green, and 3 purple.
  • +1: 10,000 credits, 6 red, 6 blue and 6 green.
  • +2: 15,000 credits, 8 red, 8 blue and 8 green.
  • +3: 20,000 credits, 12 red, 12 blue and 12 green.
  • +4: 25,000 credits, 20 red, 20 blue and 20 green.
  • +5: 30,000 credits, 28 red, 28 blue and 28 green.
  • +6: 35,000 credits, 36 red, 36 blue and 36 green.
  • +7: 40,000 credits, 48 red, 48 blue and 48 green.
  • +8: 45,000 credits, 60 red, 60 blue and 60 green.
  • +9: 50,000 credits, 72 red, 72 blue and 72 green.
  • Maxed:
  • Sub-total:
  • Total:


  • This is the fifth legendary gear piece that belongs to a character that is NOT in the game, after the Riddler's Staff, Gauntlets of Azrael, Soultaker Sword and Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar.
  • The evolved form shares a very similar appearance to the mask used by Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham Asylum (which was the first game in the Arkham series).
    • Meanwhile, the unevolved form can be seen as the regular face of a "traditional" scarecrow.
  • This is the first gear in the game to have all three effects be completely original and not shared by any other gear upon its introduction.