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hello someone please fill this in

[PLEASE make an account on here (whoever created this page) so we can discuss more about this and what you need help with... JUST FOR NOW, I'll keep this page here, but with that being said, and as I've been thinking about this for while now, maybe I/we need/should create pages for ALL THE GEARS in game.]


i thought we DID have pages for all the gears in the game..


Why not have a page for everything, anyway? at 443 pages the wiki is kinda small.


@Perchance: That's what I meant. WE should probably create a page for EVERYTHING in game, from ALL the support cards (including ones that needed Alliance Credits), ALL THE GEARS, from Common to Legendary (tips, Evolving and Shattering) to even the tiniest details so that players/others can understand it more better. And yes, I meant ADD IN THE PIC FOR EACH ONE OF THEM. Just that IF WE'RE GONNA START on this Gear here, we might as well make one for the other ones as well. PS: this is prob one of the most hilarious conversations ever LOL, We're just talking on the page instead of actually making the edits guys XD


Fine, here, I'll start.....FOR now, just focuse on this page first, then I'll need your help on many other pages, IN ORDER, not just random ones lol


Hrm, well, do you think that, if a noob obtained a new piece of gear saying something like "[EVOLVED] 10% - 20% Take No Damage From Basic Attacks", he'd want to look it up? He wouldn't know to look it up by its evolved name though (and some of the names change drastically for lower level gear, or from "Mysterious Artifact"--or Egyptian Artifact!?--to "The Ibistick".)

I think we should make pages for unevolved gear as well.

And maybe for the "usages", as well...

-Perchance, perchance

Um.....maybe you're right. I know, that's kinda the problem as well......its one of the main problem I first had when I got on this wiki, but I"m fine with it now......

Oh, I know, how about this, we'll/I'll do as you said. Create SEPARATE pages for ALL THE EVOLVED AND UNEVOLVED VERSIONS for each gears. Then, for the Unevolved version of that gear, we'll/I'll put something like: "REDIRECT here to see full infos on this gear" then there'll be a link to the Evolved version instead. That way, if a noob obtain an awesomely OP gears, but don't know the evolved name, they'll just type in the name of that Unevolved name, upon the page showing up, it will redirect/leads them to the "current" Evolved page of the gears instead (yes, for that Unevolved page of a Gear, we'd still put the same categories for that page, to show others that its the gear's effect ONLY WHEN UNEVOLVED, to "let them know" throught the categories the effect when NOT evolved. How'd that sounds?? Also speaking, did the Ibistick changed its name now to Egyptian instead? Or was it already like that the whole time? If so, then I'll add it in as Trivia for the page. As for the "usages", I think the Strategy section for those gears would be just fine. :P

Tr143 (talk) 03:51, June 17, 2016 (UTC)Tr143

the slideshow thingy on the home screen of injustice says Egyptian artifact, except in the season rewards page, it says mysterious artifact. either it's been changed now or netherrealm needs to get their sh!t together


I think they decided to change it just now, for this update, from this moment forth.

Tr143 (talk) 03:29, June 22, 2016 (UTC)Tr143

It's still called the Mysterious Artifact, I just obtained the gear after maybe doing relatively few battles and landing in the top 5% almost by default (I was scared because I saw Tri had put up the new season's reward--apparently it's Wednesday again).

I think a page should be made for the discussion that is going on here (with this discussion being cut and pasted there), as someone might want to legitimately see this gear. We could call it the "Batsuits and Ties Moderators' Discussion Page" and have this page have a disambiguation linking to that page as a funny nod to where the conversation used to be.

Oh, also, when I was talking about "usages" above, I was referring to the actions performed when using a special. (Perhaps we could also describe what happens with each special, i.e., Prime Doomsday's s2 Earth Shake is a one-hit special 2. In a few other places on the internet some people look at these types of things.)


yup it's still "mysterious artifact"

about the separate page for this entire discussion, are we making a blog post or an article? if it's an article i can make it


_Um....interesting then, guess I'll go back and change that info on the page then.

Although, I'd gotta say, NAH, LETS KEEP THIS DISCUSSION here, its more fun this way though lol (don't worry, I'll put a notifications at the top for those whom wanting to ONLY SEE how this gear works). But yes, I agree, about making a separate page FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS THAT NEEDED TO BE KNOWN in the game (also as mentioned above); although, let's do it NEXT WEEK, ya? I'm kinda busy this week now, so if you guys want, we can get started on creating/making those pages starting from next week, and I'll create a thread (not blogs/discussions, cause most people won't be able to "visit" it more, as I can find a way to make thread becomes something so that every logged in person will be able to read it). Sounds good? K.

Tr143 (talk) 04:31, June 23, 2016 (UTC)Tr143

I have two templates I think we should determine to apply to character pages. The first would apply to intros, and would be to say that "this character has the x-th tier highest base health/damage" instead of "tied second highest (along with x and x characters)", as the latter involves linking to a bunch of other characters. To help the first along, we could either link to stat tier pages (Yu-Gi-Oh's main fan wiki has links to everything with 4000 attack if you're viewing something with 4000 atk), or to such sections on the health/damage/base stats pages (we could also make a page called "base stats").

The second would apply to "Strategy" sections on character pages, and is somewhat the template that exists already on the Darkseid/Apokalips and The Arkham Knight pages. Either we should have a default order within such sections, such as "Passive" - "Basic Attacks" - "Special Attacks", or we should have a "commanding intro" that describes the character's most distinguishing facets and thus allows for different orders on different characters. For instance, The Arkham Knight's order would be "Basic Attacks" - "Special Attacks" - "Passive", as his basic attacks are exemplary in hit number, damage output, and range, and his special attacks both are notably fast but have reduced damage and can only knockout on the final hit - save where his passive modifies his s2, as so is described in the next section.

Perchance (talk) 00:20, July 1, 2016 (UTC)

Humm.......after reading what you said, I've kinda been thinking about that as well for these past weeks, but one of the problem is, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO create those types of "automatic" templates (unless if you knew how to, then sure, we can make it; but if you don't, then yes, I can look up ways on how to make that "table" thingy you said :); I think I kinda have an idea what you meant about that template, as I've seen it before on other wikias..... also, just "minor" off topic here, WAIT, WHAT????!!! DO YOU PLAY YUGIOH ALSO???!! If so, DUEL ME MAN ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D

Kidding, sorry, but yes, back to the topic here, I was thinking of the "Phase 2" of Revamp for our wiki. Supposedly I'll post a thread asking others for help (also, based on the poll that I created on the homepage, seems like a lot willing to help as well, if per chance<<<<<*pun intended for you*>>>>>) so yes, again, I'll create a thread asking for help, and I'll assign a special "task force" group and show which you guys take which part in helping :)

Nah, if that's the case for Arkham Knight, you're right, as I've noticed that too only some pages as that templates for Basic attacks. Thus, I think that the order should be in these 3 major and 1 minor sections: Basic Attack (since that's one of the most obvious point in first using a character to determine their effectiveness in battle when all is lost) >>>> Passive ​(the second obvious point, as ALL players should know by now how to at least use a character as according to their passive, even the least intelligence one, so to say, but and that's all, teamming up is for another part) >>>> Specials (how it works in MOST SITUATIONS against other characters in the game, upon against characters with Block effect, tag in, DOT and cases like that), then minor case, for the teamming up + countered + good against section (labeled "Strategy", I supposed...).

What do you think?....

Tr143 (talk) 01:25, July 1, 2016 (UTC)Tr143

By "template" I guess I'm mostly meaning a general set of organization conventions for the sections that always appear on the same kind of pages.

The conventions for the intro sections would be:

  1. name all distinguishing factors of a character, i.e., stat distinctions like highest base stat total, completely wacky-tacky passives like Containment Doomsday's, etc.
  2. name all pertinent obtaining information, packs, challenge information, etc.
  3. avoid linking to other characters.

The way that I'd say (for instance) "Dawn of Justice Superman is a formidable bruiser, with balanced base stats that used to be the highest in the game (now being surpassed by the newest version of himself, Superman/Injustice 2)" is, instead, either:

"Dawn of Justice Superman is a formidable bruiser, with the second-highest tier base attack (l) and second-highest tier base health (l)."


"Dawn of Justice Superman is a formidable bruiser, tying others with the second-highest base attack (l) and second-highest total base stats (i) in the game."

The "stupid" (i.e., simple) way to (re)create what they do on the Yugioh wiki is to create categories such as "1300 base attack". You would then put characters like Superman/Injustice 2 into that category. In the above proposed intros, where it says "second-highest tier base attack" or "the second-highest base attack", this new category page would be linked to.

(On the new category page, we'd also note which characters have 1300 base attack once fully augmented.)

For the Strategy sections, generally I like the floating priority sections as ordered by the controlling strategy intro. After all, if a person obtains TAK in an Arkham pack, they might not know that he has these hyper-modified basic attacks, and might only see that his passive modifies his s2 somewhat.

For The Arkham Knight Strategy section, there'd be a normal paragraph noting his comparatively strong basic attacks (the true distinguishing factor of the card that is invisible to the player who has never observed TAK in battle or researched him), his generally fast but somewhat-weakened special attacks that will only KO on the last hit (somewhat as similarly unknowable as his basic attacks), and the effect of his passive (because it only affects one of his special attacks, and only in certain cases), this controlling strategy intro taking place before the first sub-header, "Basic Attacks". (Alternatively, I could also see the passive section being placed before the special section, as the passive determines which special is better to use.)

For a normal character with normal basic attacks, the "Basic Attacks" section can be omitted altogether (as it is on many pages already). If a character has an odd reason why we should note that character's basic attacks, i.e., Cyborg because of his ranged heavy hit or Solomon Grundy because of his slow heavy attacks, we could include the section. In the case of Cyborg/Teen Titans, the order could be different, as his passive is more fundamental to the use of the character.

So the organization for the TAK page would be:

  • Pack and character graphics
  • Intro Paragaph

Header 1--"Strategy" Section

  • Strategy Intro

--Strategy Sub-header 1: "Basic Attacks"

  • Body

--Strategy Sub-header 2: "Special Attacks"

  • Body, of course

--Strategy Sub-header 3: "Passive"

  • Body, of course

--Strategy Sub-header 4: "Gear"

  • Body, of course

--Strategy Sub-header 5: "Interactions" (This section being standard to most characters)

  1. --Good with
  2. --Good against
  3. --Countered by

Header 2--Support Cards and Gear

Header 3--Trivia

A Superman/Injustice 2 page might start off with a lengthy passive discussion (as it does now) and no basic attack section (or one a bit later because of Superman's acquaintance with heavy-special combos).


Tr143 (talk) 04:50, July 1, 2016 (UTC)Perchance

Oh, I see what you meant. Yea, that can be a good thing. But also, remember one thing, for YGO, the thing is that FOR THAT PARTICULAR game, there's legitmate reason(s) as some cards' effect central around monster's attack and defense points, thus it kinda makes sense why it exists for that wiki, though I'm not sure IF we need that for our wiki......but, now that you've got me thinking, how about this: I'll simply create/lists ALL THE base damage and health of all characters in these 2 pages, Damage and Health. That way, they can check out what other characters have the same base stats as that character (this will be put at the beginning of every character's page, then I'll put it like this: {For more infos on charactes' Damage and Health stats, check there} and a link to both of those pages, sounds good? And I'll make that a template (unless if you're good with copy and paste, then ok..).

_But no, I'd still think that it should be the same format for ALL characters, though irregardless of their effectiveness in using it, though it doesn't have to be long for Cyborg TT as you mentioned.

Although, I think it should go like this for a basic character's page (a somewhat modified version of yours):

  • Pack and Character's graphical infos.
  • Intro Paragaph - main/most prominent feature about this character (short intro about up to 5 sentences maxed)

"Strategy" Section

  • General Intro

Sub-header 1: "Basic Attacks"

  • Body - Use only 1 paragraphs for this, as most characters are fairly simple and can easily be understood, even with the least bright wikians...

Sub-header 2: "Special Attacks"

  • Body, of course - Up to 2 paragraphs are fine, as that's a little more of a complicated matters to put.

Sub-header 3: "Passive"

  • Body, of course - if possible, up to 3 paragraphs for characters whom seems to be an orthodox one (such as Raven/Prime, Superman/Injustice 2 and Batman/Arkham Knight)

Sub-header 4: "Gear"

  • Body, of course - I think only 1 paragraph should be the formal for ALL characters here, as most seems to be "fairly" self-explainatory, except for cases/characters that seem to have a possibility to profit from Gear Sets...

Sub-header 5: "Interactions" (This section being standard to most characters)

  1. --Good with
  2. --Good against
  3. --Countered by

{Yep, this seems just fine. Though we/I should/need to do more "extensive" testings here for EACH/ALL characters when they're paired/go against/team with others (especially for cases like Raven/Prime, Supes IN2, Batman AK, Reverse Flash and maybe AQ IN2, though I might still need to take pics for when his passive is activated...). Header 2--Support Cards and Gear

Also, I've been thinking, to further make the wiki "better" do you think taking pics for ALL CHARACTERS' specials and posting them to let others know what it looks like (for those that don't have that certain characters), PICTURES only, unless if you know how to add videos/gifs, then lets' work it seems odd if only Batman AK and some DOJ characters has the pic.....

Header 3--Trivia

Overall, yea man, seems like a good plan, and I'll post the thread the next day. Peace out :D

Tr143 (talk) 04:50, July 1, 2016 (UTC)Tr143


  • 12% - 22% MAX HEALTH increase.
  • [Batman]: 30% - 50% CRIT DAMAGE increase.
  • [Evolved]: Disable enemy's special: 15% - 25% chance on Special 1



Ok, I completely maxed out mine on this one......sorry guys....but here:

  • +1:
  • +2:
  • +3:
  • +4:
  • +5:
  • +6:
  • +7:
  • +8:
  • +9:
  • +10:
  • Evolved:
  • Sub-total:
  • +1:
  • +2:
  • +3:
  • +4:
  • +5:
  • +6:
  • +7:
  • +8:
  • +9:
  • Maxed:
  • Sub-total:
  • Total:






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