Batman/Prime being snared by Hawkgirl/Prime's passive.

Snared is a rare status effect that prevents characters from tagging out and it is often associated with Hawkgirl.

Characters and Effects that Employ Snare Edit

Uses Edit

Snaring can be used to manipulate the opponent's active fighter, for any of various reasons. For instance, if a DOT effect is active on the opponent, Hawkgirl/Prime can be switched in to prevent a retreat and the rinsing of the DOT. Lobo/Bounty Hunter employs his own snare in a similar way, applying a snare and DOT upon use of his SP2. Otherwise, snare can be used to reduced the threat of certain characters, as many pose a tremendous amount of danger upon tag-in. By dealing with the other characters one by one and/or putting your defenses in place, the threat from tagged out characters can be minimized.

Batman and Wally West both have snares on the counter-attack portion of their passives. This prevents characters from tagging out just as the counter-attack is about to occur and thereby negating the damage. This was previously possible to perform on Batman's Evasion, but the 2.13 update added the snare and the new Wally West was introduced with it already in place.

During Flash Elseworld's Bullet Time passive, his opponent is snared, has their specials disabled, and is slowed. Jessica Cruz also has an opportunity to activate a snare on her SP2 by being paired with another Green Lantern character.


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