The Sorcery Pack is one of the new themed packs that was introduced in the 2.9 update and was finally released following the challenge of Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad (in the 2.11 update) and costs 450,000 Power Credits

Sorcery Pack


Each is a challenge character. Previously, Black Adam/Kahndaq cannot be directly promoted even if his challenge was completed due to the nature of challenges that aired during the 2.8 update. While noted, during his challenge repeat that was aired from July 22th-25th, you can NOW promote him directly with Power Credits!
IMG 0475

The guaranteed contents of the pack.

This is the first pack to contain any of these characters as guaranteed pulls. This pack was finally released due to Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad's Challenge Mode requiring a Raven character.

Like the rest of 2.9's themed packs, the pack has a running theme. These characters have almost no synergy with each other.

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