Speed is an invisible stat in Injustice Mobile and is never directly quantified. Different characters can attack at noticably different "speed" in their basic attack patterns; however, passives and status effects that stated the modifications for the "speed" of characters, including the abilities of Deathstroke/Red Son and The Flash/Regime (who uniformly increase the "speed" of their entire team by a stated percentage amount) or slowed down the attack speed of characters (such as Killer Frost's special). Such effects are very hard to quantify as a baseline speed for each character, thus, is rarely given in the game.

Speed Modifiers Edit

Abilities that Modify SpeedEdit

Passives that are stated to Increase SpeedEdit

While The Flash/Metahuman has an effect stated to increase speed, his passive works somewhat different compared to the others, as rather than giving a simple increase to his basic attack speed, he can attack at 3x the "normal" speed of every character (though the suggestion that characters can have different speeds for their basic attacks and special attacks is interesting). On the other side, Superman/Prime can ONLY increase his attack speed by 50% (as mentioned in his passive) when his health is lowered to less than 40%.

Flash Characters Edit

It goes unstated on The Flash characters, but they all receive a 15% boost to their speed upon activating an SP1.

They actually all receive the same speed boost that The Flash/Prime would receive upon activating an SP1 (or also SP2 in his case).

Moves and Effects that Decrease Speed Edit

Slow EffectsEdit

Both Killer Frost characters have a freezing effect on one or both of their specials. The effect as stated by the passive of Killer Frost/Regime (and otherwise unstated in Killer Frost/Prime's SP1) reduces the opponent's speed (and power generation) by 50%. This is likely done on an additive basis, meaning that a slowed character whom is teamed with The Flash/Regime will have 65% of their base speed.

"Bullet Time" Edit

The Flash/Elseworld initiates a unique effect upon reaching 20% of his health. This is a very noticeable speed decrease, as the player/AI opponent will attack at "slower" speed than they would usually do.

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