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Standard Battle is the first game mode of Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile and is often regarded as a "main" or "default" game mode. It is often called "story mode" or "single-player" as opposed to Online Battle ("multiplayer"), despite that Survivor and Challenge Mode does not require any input from other players either.

There are 64 standard battles in total, divided into 8 areas (or "pages") at 8 battles each. Each battle consist on a number of matches, and each match can consume 1 to 3 energy, depending on how far into the game the match was.

On each page there are 6 normal battles, 1 boss battle and 1 bonus battle, or, in total, 48 battles, 8 boss battles and 8 bonus battles.

A list of all of the matches in the standard battle mode can be found here.

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